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There Is No Gender

An exploration of "gender" from the extraterrestrial point of view.

Hi Star Family!

I know I haven't posted in a while, and that's because there hasn't been anything exciting to talk about. Meanwhile, our extraterrestrial friends have been taking me for a wild ride in exploring the idea of "gender" on our planet and what it means to be male or female!

Turns out that apart from biological differences of gender that are meant solely for procreation (production of offspring), gender within the physical mind/personality construct is extremely fluid and flexible; thus then a person's psychological Gender Identity (GI, how you feel) has nothing to do with their physical Gender Expression (GE, your genitals, clothing).

So for example, a person could have female genitalia and wear "female" clothes, this is called Gender Expression, yet their internal Gender Identity could be non-binary, male, or something else entirely. What my ET friends showed me is that psychologically speaking, there is no gender, and we thus then can choose our Gender Expression freely.

In other words, through following your excitement, you no longer have to box yourself into ideas such as "nail polish is only for women" or "pants are only for guys". Clothing is just clothing, makeup is just makeup, it is not gendered in any way. You are free to choose your Gender Expression and Identity in any way your excitement tells you!


So how did the extraterrestrials help me figure myself out, that I am very gender-fluid and non-binary (neither male nor female)?

Through my channeling of course! As I channeled, Blue Fire would come in and she/it would give me extremely feminine "goddess-like" energy, and my entire gender identity would flip to female. I would want to wear "girl" clothes, use nail polish, talk in a higher pitch, etc. This continued for sometime, until a Sha'Ya'Yel came in via another channeling and he/it imparted very "male-like" energy.

The result of all this ping-pong between feminine and masculine, is that my gender identity has now come to rest in the neutral point between male and female. So similarly, just as Bashar says, "There is no good nor bad, everything is just neutral!", I would like to say that when it comes to gender identity, "There is no male nor female, there is only what you are!".

Of course, if you have male genitalia or female genitalia, that's the outward gender expression of the physical body, and can be challenging to alter without a deep knowing of vibrational-atomic-manipulation. Some humans would of course, choose to go for surgeries to alter their appearance, however this can be sometimes harmful and traumatic for the physical body.

So anyway, whether someone chooses to alter their body through surgery doesn't matter. What matters is the understanding that gender identity and gender expression are very fluid, and you do not have to box yourself into the binary concepts of male and female. You can be anything your heart desires in the moment, and this is natural!

Here are some sources from ancient cultures that show we have more than just two genders!


Throughout my gender-bending journey, I no doubt did ruffle a few feathers and trigger a few people, even my parents and relatives were a little shocked. And this has pointed out to me in very stark contrast the differences between my extraterrestrial parents and my human parents:

Extraterrestrial Parents:

  1. Value freedom of movement and travel

  2. Don't label me, you are just you

  3. Value following my excitement, free expression

  4. Unafraid of death, trust in the positive

Human Parents:

  1. Value a fixed job and location

  2. Label me as boy, girl or transgender

  3. Value making money, accumulating wealth, building reputation

  4. Afraid of death, trust in the negative

Again, whichever path you choose in 2024, it's really up to you. As the prism begins to split, we will all move into our respective realities, the free will choice is yours. Personally, I find trusting in the negative to be extremely tiring, it's really not me.


From Essassani With Love



P.S: 3 Steps to Raise Your Vibration in 2024

  1. Let go of fear-based beliefs

  2. Let go of stored-emotion in our bodies

  3. Balance your feminine and masculine

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