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You are exactly where you need to be.
Act through your greatest excitement and joy!

Life Works Automatically!

Life is simpler than you think. As you act through your joy and excitement each and everyday, you will receive everything you need at just the right moment through the phenomenon of synchronicity.

Do not wait for your reflection to change, instead first change your own state of being, which will then effect the change that you desire.

What happens to you does not matter, only what you do with what happens matters.

Follow the formula: Follow your highest excitement, to the best of your ability, along the path of least resistance, with no expectation of the outcome, until you can act no further.​



Inspired by Darryl Anka, who channels the Essassani "First Contact Specialist" known as Bashar. Find out more at! You can find recordings of all Bashar channelings at


Website: A Fierce Blue Fire

Telegram: Blue Fire

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