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Shards Of A Shattered Mirror

With help from Blue & Willa, I am developing my ability to see the multidimensional shards.

Dear Star Family,

I was practicing my telempathic Cryptic abilities that Willa/Ms Blue taught me, and I dozed off. As my consciousness drifted freely, I sifted through the glassy shards, peering into the reflections of each one, a cute plump Chinese girl in a cow print bikini 👙 came by my side, she was giggling, smiling at me to take her hand.

After I closed my hand around hers, I found myself near a shipping vessel. It looked like a fishing or whaling ship, it had a huge crane.

We descended below the water line, and I saw a large submarine perched on the edge of a rocky underwater cliff, it's dark arms and legs dug into the rock, making it look like a menacing undersea spider.

We descended deeper. Suddenly I heard muted explosions, bam bam bam, like underwater depth charges detonating. And the sounds of distressed sperm whales, they were killing the whales with explosives. 🐋 💥

It seems Hathor would like us to pay attention to the plight of our sea creatures such as whales and dolphins, by showing me directly the hurt that is being done to them.


It seems my first experience seeing the shards, has been a rather gloomy one...but come to think of it, I have seen the shards several times prior to this:

  1. Before I was born (I saw reality as shards that came into focus)

  2. Conversation with Bashar/Essassani

  3. My parallel self walking in town (I saw that same self later)


Discussion (Hathor):

Me: "Wow I went reality transurfing last night too! Was riding the shards with an astral girl. 🤣😛😆🧘‍♀️"

Janay: "Might’ve been me. 😂😂😂😂 I actually was making that my intention as I went to sleep! I don’t remember it explicitly, but I definitely went into the astral plane as I went into rest mode."

Me: "Well she was wearing a cow print bikini. 🤣 Everyone shapeshifting in the astral... 🤣"

Me: "Ya...I was just following my excitement the whole day, so very in the flow. As I dozed off I saw the shards opening up in front of me...I started peering into each one...then this giggling chinese/Japanese looking girl appeared in a cow print bikini, and off we went! The first part was a little scary, diving under the sea looking at whales getting attacked by humans. The second part was nicer, a toy shop. The third part...well I don't remember much...but I think it was x-rated 🤣"

Victoria: "I sent this to Abraham..but thought it was too woowoo..but now its a sync. Interesting enough the Sufi Sam did the same type of.. organized vortex combinations sequences."

Me: "Interesting. As it happens I was bored this morning and played with my game boy. There was a file inside called "vortex", which when opened, was the Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages. Let's just say the game was full of pyramids, triangle symbols, reality jumping, time travel...body possession...weird! The hero even has a triangle tattoo on the back of his left hand...Check out the game's intro - it's super sync!"

Me: "Triangles, and even a wavy animation when the hero jumps parallel universes. I actually get the wavy feeling + visual when Ms Blue comes by to take me on an adventure!"

Victoria: "The blueprint of the game looks very similar to the columns and temples of Luxor in Egypt.. And you can't mistake the 3 Pyramids..😇"


Rey: "Time out, since I just posted to you about 15 min ago about my Hathor lucid dream, did you then post this *because of that* or, as I suspect, this had been part of the series as planned and it is a sync? Hathor was also known as “Lady of the Faeince” which is that distinct Blue Turquoise color that certain Egyptian pottery had, so may or may not have some connect to the energy of your Ms Blue, dunno but that’s why I shared initially."

Hathor was the ancient Egyptian deity of many realms: mother to Horus, god of the sky, and Ra, the sun god; and goddess of beauty (including cosmetics), sensuality, music, dancing, and maternity. She is often depicted wearing a headdress of cow horns with a sun disk between them, or as a cow or lioness.

Siddhata: "How interesting! I had a lioness and cow sync today."

Me: "Huh. I had a cute Asian girl in a cow print bikini take me for a ride in the astral last night."

Siddhata: "Cow print bikini. Very very interesting!! Also, I don't know why people get dreams about an Asian girl connection and I always come across it."

Me: "They know I like Asian girls. Lol! 😛"


Crazy Syncs!!! 😛😛😛


Aveo! From Essassani With Love

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