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UFOs - A Projection Of Higher Mind Consciousness

Advanced Star Beings and their Consciousness "Spacecraft".

Dear Star Family,

Recently on the 27th of August 2023, at around 00:00 till 02:00 hrs (+8), I did a channeling for a friend who is a member of our "Blue Fire's Realm" telegram group. Bhavana was very excited to do the channeling with me as she wished to understand certain higher states of consciousness that she was starting to access.

After she finished talking with Blue Fire about her various states of consciousness, and how to overcome certain negative beliefs that were blocking herself from self-expression, she began to ask about 3 beings that she saw in her garden as a child. Immediately, as the channel I could see a silver sphere form in my mind, it then morphed into a larger sphere and finally the largest "blimp-like" spacecraft on the right-hand side, as seen in the illustration above.

Finally I had this telempathic projection, or image just float in my minds eye, showing me the vehicle in her garden, but without the 3 beings she mentioned:

After this, no more information was given to me regarding her childhood encounter, and being sleepy we both went to bed...the next morning I had a "voice mail" stuck in my head, it said:

"Our craft is a representation/projection of our consciousness, thus the 3 bumps represent the 3 occupants. And therefore all species have craft of different shapes and sizes. We can change the shape of our craft depending on our needs in the moment. In a sense, our bodies and spacecraft that you see are a *densification* of our consciousness from 4th and 5th density into your 3rd density reality. We are not really here, neither are you there. We are all at one place and at one time."

After this whole channeling episode passed, I didn't think any further on it, partly because no more information was dispensed to either me or Bhavana...then several days later through synchronicity, I saw Jonathan Trinity Martin's Facebook video about "The ETs are you!"

Simultaneously through synchronicity, Bhavana chimed in on our "Blue Fire's Realm" Telegram group, that she's had more and more experiences that those ETs on the spacecraft are actually her, her counterparts from other realities staring back at her!

Later I watched on YouTube one of Jonathan's excellent videos about how the UFOs are in a sense actually projections of our own consciousness. He has a captivating series called "33 Days of Contact" for this month of September 2023! I learned how to channel from Jonathan, and if you're fascinated with his material, you could subscribe to his YouTube channel.

So all this synchronicity, got me excited about the idea that really those "silver sphere UFOs" floating around in the skies, becoming more and more prevalent everyday, are just one form of the consciousness of these Star Beings, which can then morph *when needed* into more complex and larger vehicles.

The image above shows "silver sphere UFOs" photographed by my mother in 2021, whilst she was walking in Botanic Gardens in Singapore, I have an older blog post about them wherein I thought at the time that they were "Pleiadian" spheres.

So really, as Jonathan says:

"Everything out there is really just a reflection of our own consciousness...and as we begin to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we ourselves are an infinite multidimensional consciousness having an experience with itself...[that] you're creating your own'll begin to also see reflections of other entities that are also infinite, eternal, self-realized beings such as the extraterrestrials...this is the secret to making extraterrestrial contact, its all your dream, its all your own illusion, happening within your own consciousness!"

And Blue Fire, adds:

As you relax the insistence on making contact with an ET outside you, and instead relax into the idea of just making more contact with yourselves, through telling camp fire stories, singing songs, and just enjoying each others company, then you will naturally raise the vibration of your whole group, and create a bubble reality in which contact shall manifest. Because really there is no outside, outside is just a reflection of your internal state. So as you make more contact with yourselves, your reality will thus reflect that.

How fascinating, and how mind-boggling!

Aveo! You Jun & Blue Fire

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