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The End of a Cycle

I thought it would be important to post this research, to provide clarity to what Bashar had mentioned that we were at the end of a 40 year cycle, and also to provide a context for why the extraterrestrials are showing up at this time.

In Summary:

  • We can measure our history in 20 year blocks called “saculum”.

  • 4 blocks make 1 complete 80 year cycle.

  • Block 1: High

  • Block 2: Awakening

  • Block 3. Unravelling

  • Block 4: Crisis

  • Our world is currently in block 4, crisis, and this block will end in 2028.

  • After the crisis, we will start a new era, with block 1, high.

  • Every 80 years, something big comes along and changes everything. 👽

Bashar said they measure our time in 40 year blocks. I’d say that’s similar to our own system.

In the latest Conscious Life Expo 2023 live channeling, Bashar said that there is a 90-95% probability of global ET contact between 2026-2027.

This global ET contact time seems to coincide with the end of our crisis block in 2028.

Revelations of an extraterrestrial presence, technology and culture will lead to the new high, and the beginning of a new era for humankind.

Lots of Love, From Essassani With Love

Watch the Full Video:

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