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Sci-Fi Musings: Vibration & Invisible Ships

Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG observing invisible aliens that look like shadow people.

Hello Star Family!

Ever since I was a child, I was exposed to a lot of Star Trek episodes. I was attracted to the idea of the Star Trek “post-scarcity” economy, wherein as Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) described that the goal of anyone in their society is to “enrich themselves” to “learn and grow”; in other words to always follow your highest excitement (in a post-scarcity economy survival is no longer an issue). My favorite series were TNG and VOY, as they were the most thought provoking and there were many moral lessons to be learned.

I’ve recently been attracted to and been thinking continuously about how Bashar keeps telling us that “our ships are all here in your skies, zipping around but you can’t see us” and also “there’s a giant extraterrestrial space station in orbit, roughly 150,000 miles above your Earth, but it is invisible”, and also “as you raise your vibration you’ll be able to see our spacecraft.”. So basically, all of us have heard of the idea of vibration, 3D, 4D, 5D, but nobody is really clear on what that means from a scientific standpoint.

Now I will attempt to think about what he means from a slightly more scientific/sci-fi perspective. In Star Trek TNG there was a particular episode wherein the crew encountered invisible aliens that were - lo and behold - abducting human beings from 19th century Earth. So it was invisibility plus abductions. In the show, Geordi Laforge, the chief engineer said that these aliens were temporally out-of-phase with them, and so were invisible to the humans. Here’s a quote of what he said:

Geordi: “A millisecond, a year - it wouldn’t make any difference…we’re occupying the same space but in a different time.”. In other words, they were temporally out-of-phase and thus couldn’t see or interact with the aliens. So what does “phase” or “out-of-phase” mean in Physics? See the diagram below:

The diagram shows 2 waves that are out-of-phase, meaning that the blue wave is slightly faster in-time, or phase-shifted to the right of the red wave. However, even though their phase does not match, the two waves still intersect occasionally; in the diagram they intersect once above the x-axis, and once below. So this got me thinking, that you know sometimes we see glimpses of those “shadow beings” that Bashar talks about, they’re in an adjacent space-time dimension, but perhaps occasionally, we become in-phase with them for just a split-second and then we can see them! Fascinating!

So now let’s get to Bashar’s idea of raising our frequency. We don’t exactly know at what frequency or phase their spaceships operate at, but Bashar did give us a rough hint of above 175,000 cycles per second (Hertz, Hz). So perhaps through meditation, as we raise our own conscious frequency, our own perceptual frequency, since as Bashar says everything is really just consciousness, so our physical and higher minds can actually make this adjustment without the aid of any technology whatsoever…and during our meditative state or mass CE5 meditation, suddenly the spacecraft become visible for a brief period of time, because we become in-phase with their waveform!

Just penning my thoughts down here, perhaps this will inspire someone in the community!


From Essassani With Love

P.S.: Perhaps the E.Ts were "grooming" me from a young age, and somehow telempathically convinced my parents to put all the Star Trek shows on our television when I was still very young. Also I believe the writers of Star Trek knew a lot more than they were allowed to explicitly state, and the only way they could get away with things was to portray them as a work of fiction. If you watch ST, you'll notice that the number 47 appears almost in every episode, 47 is a reference to 1947, the Roswell UFO Crash-Retrieval and subsequent cover-up. As Bashar mentions often: "Many of you have already had phase-shifted [E.T.] contact experiences!". In quantum physics, the observer effect means that there is no objective reality, since the observer determines how reality manifests (wave function collapse).


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