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Quantum Channeling

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

This blog post unveils the scientific basis of channeling, revealing how synchronized heart-centered resonance and quantum principles enable the instantaneous exchange of information across space and dimensions through electromagnetic pulses.

Greetings, Dear Star Family!

Numerous individuals have expressed curiosity, seeking an explanation for the enigmatic phenomenon of channeling through a lens of rational, scientific discourse rather than spiritual terminology. In response, I aim to elucidate the mechanics of my own channeling process, offering insight into its workings. Here's an exploration of this process:

Commencing a channeling session, whether public or private, involves an initial deep inhalation through the nose, followed by an exhale through the mouth that's both soothing and invigorating. This deliberate act serves to anchor my conscious awareness into the present moment. Simultaneously, as I embark on my second inhalation, I place my hands upon my chest, often referred to as the "heart center" or "heart chakra." I encourage participants in the channeling experience to do the same. This gesture, far more than symbolic, directs our focus towards the heart, fostering a centering of consciousness within the heart's realm. With a third inhalation through the nose and the symbolic extinguishing of an imaginary candle during exhalation, I guide everyone to partake in a fourth deep inhalation, subsequently releasing it with a profound, calming sigh. As they do so, I invite them to shed the cares, concerns, and burdens of their day—allowing these pressures to dissipate and granting themselves a return to the present moment. This call to present-moment focus underscores the session's essence, encouraging attendees to transcend temporal and spatial constraints.

While one might perceive this channeling ritual as emblematic, it is not merely symbolic. The Bashar teachings, notably expounded upon in the "Waves of Energy" transmission, reveal that the human heart emits an electromagnetic and electromagnetheric energy pulse in tandem with each heartbeat. This energetic field extends several meters outward from each individual, enveloping all living beings. Essentially, we all navigate an expanse teeming with the pulsating electromagnetheric energy emanating from our own hearts. This phenomenon accounts for instances where individuals sense a heightened energy vibe in vibrant social settings, as opposed to a subdued atmosphere in more lackluster surroundings. These perceptions reflect an awareness of the ambient electromagnetic field, a product of collective human presence.

Toroidal electromagnetic field generated by the heart, source:

You may wonder, "You Jun, I understand that our hearts emit energy pulses containing discernible vibes, but how does channeling function across vast distances? Can Darryl channel Bashar or Anima, even if they are light years apart, potentially on different planets?"

A cogent query, indeed—a testament to your burgeoning insight. To address this facet, our heart-focused ritual, with hands placed upon our chests, facilitates the convergence of heart vibrations and frequencies within the collective group. This process, known as resonance, holds relevance. Analogous to a pair of tuning forks attuned to the same frequency, resonance enables the effortless transfer of energy between them. In this scenario, if one fork emits a ringing tone, the other, simply by proximity, will resonate and emit the same frequency. In a comparable manner, our heart-centered resonance enables a synchronization of vibrations, unifying the group and forging a conduit for interconnection.

Tuning fork resonance, source:

It's important to acknowledge that while tuning forks pertain to auditory vibrations and necessitate a medium such as air to transmit sound, channeling operates through electromagnetic waves. These waves, labeled as electromagnetheric by Bashar, transcend the constraints of vacuums and can traverse space devoid of air, embodying a medium-less form of energy transfer.

Electromagnetic waves, source:

However, a paradox arises: how can heart pulses, electromagnetic in nature, traverse vast cosmic distances instantaneously? Logically, electromagnetic waves, as acknowledged, propagate at the speed of light, rendering instantaneous communication seemingly implausible. Yet, within the domain of quantum physics, an intricate interplay materializes. Enter the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which dictates that we cannot definitively determine both the position and velocity of a sub-atomic particle simultaneously. This principle extends to electrons within an atom's orbit, the precise location of which eludes precise determination, giving rise to a probability distribution—a shell that encapsulates feasible electron positions.

Atomic Orbitals (electron shells), source: Wikipedia

Now, consider this probability distribution. It exists as a bell curve, suggesting a heightened likelihood of locating an electron at its center. However, this distribution extends indefinitely, encapsulating all points in space. This is where the concept of wave-particle duality comes into play—a realization that an electron exists not merely as a point-like particle, but also as a wave, extending infinitely across space and time.

Electron position probability distribution, source:

In the electromagnetic realm, resonance engenders the coalescence of two fields, both extending infinitely throughout space and time. This spatial non-locality underpins the foundation of channeling. As Bashar and certain scientists propose (as evidenced by the Monroe Institute), space-time could be illusory, a realm where particles converge at a single point. In this paradigm, two resonating heart-generated electromagnetic fields facilitate the transmission of information, seemingly defying light's speed constraints.

DNA and Cell Resonance, Source: Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl

In essence, channeling rests upon the following principles:

1. The heart emits an electromagnetic pulse.

2. This pulse encapsulates energy and information.

3. Electromagnetic pulses encompass electrons, which exhibit dual wave-particle nature.

4. Electron waves span the cosmos, manifesting as non-zero probability distributions.

5. The non-local aspect of electron waves enables information to transcend light speed.

6. Quantum non-locality prompts speculation about the illusory nature of space and time.

7. Resonating hearts facilitate instantaneous information exchange over vast distances.

In the words of Bashar, telepathy is, in truth, telempathy—a convergence of empathic hearts. Becoming a psychic or channeler necessitates the simple act of opening one's heart and immersing oneself in the present moment. Embrace the essence of this knowledge, for within it resides the potential for profound connection and insight.

Dolphins swimming in the deep blue sea, source:

May your journey be illuminated by the boundless possibilities of channeling.

With love and resonance,

From Essassani With Love


Addendum: When we place ourselves into the now, relaxing into non-expectation of an outcome, then it’s like the top picture; all probabilities, all spacetime become open to us. But the moment we judge, force, and expect, then reality collapses inward like the bottom picture to only a much smaller, finite set of outcomes. So open up your spacetime options by just being, slow down to speed up!

In other words, wave function collapse is caused by expectation. Your expectations cause reality to diminish into a finite set of outcomes. Having no expectations allows physical reality to remain in a state of superposition (Copenhagen, Many-Worlds interpretation) wherein all probabilities exist, and then you can allow the best probability to manifest; whilst simultaneously having no expectations of that manifestation.

It's a paradox! The best probability only manifests when you don't pay attention, and you're just having fun!


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