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Phillip K. Dick: Orthogonal Time

This is Philip K Dick's famous speech, Metz France 1977. In the speech he explores some of his ideas of parallel realities (lateral realities/lateral dimensions), his experience in 1974 (2-3-74), and how they both relate to his novels.

Hello Star Family!

I'm taking a break from making YouTube videos as (1) I have a stuffy nose from all the pollen flying around in July, Singapore, (2) So many things are coming at me through synchronicity, I don't even know where to start my video! Anyway, I was following my highest excitement and was given that *total gem* of a speech, that literally and utterly confirms what many of us have been experiencing; alternate timelines, or what Phillip K. Dick calls "orthogonal time"!

Do have a listen! You will be amazed!

And oh...Phillip mentions that there are 3 main timelines...the Gray timeline, our timeline, and the Garden timeline...that are captured in this painting of the author.

So obviously, we want to be on the Garden timeline! The other two don't look quite as follow your highest excitement!

  1. Follow your highest excitement

  2. To the best of your ability

  3. With no expectations nor assumptions as to the outcome

  4. Along the path of least resistance

  5. Until you can act no further

Synchronously, that white picket fence also appears in Blue Fire's downloads!

And she has also shown me a rainbow path that leads into a garden, with beautiful music playing in the background!

Aveo! Everybody! Do watch Phillip's speech! My unconditional love to you all. From Essassani (E'shakani) With Love

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