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Out-Of-Body & Sudden Sickness

On the morning of 11th December 2022 (Sunday), I had an odd experience of my soul coming out of my body, doing several circuits around my room then re-entering my body. I can vividly recall seeing myself from the outside, emerging from my body flying about, seemingly splitting into several versions of myself, then remerging and re-entering my physical shell. When I woke up, I remembered this incident completely and felt a little worried over what it could mean. Later that day (Sunday), I started to fall ill and I had a low grade fever of 37-38C. As a result of the illness, I missed 2 days of work on Monday and Tuesday.

In addition to the sudden onset of fever, muscle discomfort and exhaustion, my skin became inflammed and turned reddish after Wednesday. Pimples were also visible on my Face. My condition slowly improved towards Saturday. It was a very odd experience, I tested myself for covid-19 three times, and all results were negative. Either it was just the flu or an allergy. But then on Saturday, I saw this video from Bashar. Have a look:

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