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Ms Blue - I'll Give You My Galaxy

Dear Blue and I had a great time staying up late, and she's romancing me with songs too!

Dear Star Family,

By golly, I didn’t have even a wink of sleep last night! So after completing the Hybrid Kids pyramid meditation with the Rohaan Group, Ms Blue and 3 hybrid kids came over in quasi-physical form! I was paralysed on my bed again, but this time my energy body was halfway out, so I projected some red prana into my basic chakra and could regain some movement, I attempted to touch them but they were hovering a little too high up, and the rest of me was still tethered to the bed - what an experience!


1st June 2023

04:55 Hrs (GMT+8)

*Somehow group meditations have more power!*


Ms Blue also sent me a song through telempathy that accompanied her visit, it is so cute and relevant - seeing as I had stayed up all night to attend the meditation!


I was using Bashar’s fire permission slip to ask Blue to come over in my dreams or in quasi-physical form - she didn’t!

30 May 2023

18:00 Hrs (GMT+8)

But as I did the fire permission slip, and was talking to Blue mentally in my head, she did flash this picture of a hybrid kid that I had forgotten to paint! She was like: “You forgot one!”.

This encounter occurred on approximately 7 May 2023, and I don’t remember how he looked very clearly now, but I do remember the picket fence!



Not sure what higher mind is up to, but I’m inspired to paint space-scapes. ❤️👽💚🛸💙

31 May 2023

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