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Hybrid Kids: “Astral Interactions & Physical Mediumship”

Hybrid children physical manifestations and a Father's Day visit!


17th June 2023:

Hi Star Family!

Juliet from the Rohaan Facebook Group sent me Ken Carey's channeling in an audio book I fell asleep whilst listening to the audio book for Ken Carey’s channeling, The Third Millennium…

...then whilst in the astral, someone put a balloon in front of my face and popped it! THE SOUND WAS SO LOUD!

Then just as I was waking up, I saw a white disembodied arm on my bed right next to my face! I freaked out so bad!

At first I thought, gosh I must be going mad! So I mentally told my hybrid kids “Guys, if you keep this up, I'm gonna end up in a mental institution!”.

Then today, I was listening to a channeling by a person called Simon, he also channels the YahYel. And not only did he mention that our Hybrid Kids would prefer natural secluded spaces, but that they would begin to physically manifest for longer and longer periods of time!

So I am not going mad, seeing disembodied white arms on my bed, they are actually doing test-manifestations into our physical reality! Guys, its really getting REAL!

If you're curious about Physical Mediumship, and how you can participate in the manifestation of higher frequency non-physical and physical beings into our reality, check out "Leslie Kean, PK & Physical Mediumship":

You may also take courses and study the material at IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Physical Mediumship:


18th June 2023:

Something also happened to me on Father’s Day, I saw a blue-skinned being (unclear) and then I was in a magical forest with a rainbow pathway. She said: “Just be you, you’re on the right path.”. There was also beautiful music playing in the background, but I can't recall it now.

Wow! Everyday a new surprise! Incredible! :)

Aveo! From E'shakani With Love

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