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Grey "Sheet" Beings

A very weird and unusual encounter with quasi-physical grey "sheet" beings!

Dear Star Family,

Just yesterday I mentioned on YouTube that "...for several days already I have had this telempathic “knocking” from Ms Blue to “stop insisting” on my YouTube channel and my daily schedule, and to just drop everything and to go out into a secluded spot in nature and communicate with her and just be quiet...".


And so yesterday, I did just that! After finishing some Earth work, I just went walking about following my excitement. And I found myself next to a flower shop. In the flower shop, I was magnetically attracted to buy a "pink rose", and so I did!

After buying the rose, I followed my excitement and ended up on a secluded hill...and I didn't see anything to I just sat on a bench, enjoying the cool breeze and looking at the view...I fell asleep...and woke up to find a Caucasian lady talking loudly on her smartphone behind I got up...took the pink rose and walked off.

After walking several meters I saw a secluded path, and was drawn to go inside...I went inside and suddenly had the thought of planting the pink rose I put the rose into the soil with my right hand, twisted it in securely and got up. Nothing extraordinary was I was a little disappointed...where is Ms Blue? I got up and walked out of the secluded spot.

Communicating with a girl from the Bashar group, she said that that's what Bashar "would do" if he spent a day on the Earth: Plant a tree and go swimming with the dolphins and whales. Maybe a Sassani being is vicariously living/channeling through me, as I seem to be doing just that! Though of course I didn't swim in the sea! (maybe I should)

Anyway the odd thing is that my daily actions and her tarot deck always seem to match up. The day before that she drew the card "trust" and that was the message I independently got from Ms Blue...and yesterday she drew the card "pink roses" which apparently were for self-care. So this may be an indication that we're planning out our days from within the template reality already, we have already clicked-into 4D Earth, with all this template/telempathic stuff going on!

On the way home...I fell asleep on the train and again entered the "telempathic flow state", whilst in there I received a number "218,000". I am not sure what this means, perhaps it is a target vibrational frequency?

Okay so that was how my day ended, nothing really happened, nothing extraordinary.

Until I fell asleep...


So I went to sleep around 12PM, and was "woken" up by these translucent grey “sheet beings”. They looked like grey plastic that could move forward and backwards at me, as I lay paralysed on my bed! Really got to ask Bashar about this one. They kinda reminded me of those translucent watery beings that I met on a machine planet way back in 2016, that was my first encounter all those years ago. Maybe this is what they truly look like, watery, shimmery, translucent, transparent quasi-physical beings. Below you can see my painting of the "machine planet".

They're back! Gosh I haven't seen you guys in a while!

Old painting, done on 6th October 2022.

New painting, done on 1 April 2023. (I think the beings wanted a new painting)


Mind Transcript of Encounter:

“I just had an experience! It was - weird!

I was totally paralysed, and there were these 2 translucent beings standing next to my head. At first I couldn’t hear them, so I told them in my head “can we talk”?

I hear a ringing in my head, like an electrical buzz. Then oddly, I hear Darryl/Bashar’s voice!

Something about this being a test of the protocol. I’m not sure if it really was Darryl…or Bashar…maybe again my mind has to filter it somehow.

But gosh the experience was so weird, really more weird than my lucid dreams!

They made some adjustment to my forehead, I thought I felt a lump. Now feeling my head it feels fine though.

I wasn’t afraid this time, so I could slowly look at them and talk. But they didn’t let me move.

After the adjustment, I was running frantically around my dark fragmented room. Not realising it was the template reality! Everything was in fragments, time was in fragments, space was in bits.

I finally woke up to find reality all stitched back together lol!

Anyway, they’re friendly. So it was a nice overall interaction. I didn’t see Ms Blue though, maybe she is a screen memory - I don't know!

They looked like translucent grey sheets, slightly puckered, they moved back and forth, as though trying to bump me awake, but I couldn’t move at all.

I will draw the beings out tomorrow, going back to sleep.

1 April 2023, 1:50AM (GMT +8)”


I would like to add that perhaps their bodies are some kind of spatial distortion, you know like in the movie Interstellar? Spatial-electromagnetic phenomena, because they could induce some micro-current in my brain to let me hear speech.


In conclusion, I really got to ask Bashar what these beings were!

Just go with the flow and let go everyone, the beings are here and making First Contact. No expectations, no insistence, no resistance, they’re looking for those 3 characteristics of your Self and then they’ll come.


From Essassani With Love


Oh! In other news, for those of you who wanted to get prints and t-shirts of my E.T. encounter artwork, I've opened a store on! Do let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent description of first-hand mystical experiences. Thank you.

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