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Conversation With Bashar

Lucid astral travelling, a parallel life, and meeting Bashar and the Sassani Consciousness!

Hello Star Family!

It was the 4th of March 2023, Saturday 11AM (GMT+8), cold, and raining heavily so I was sleeping in. I decided to listen to some old Bashar recordings, specifically “All About Spaceships” from 1985. 15 minutes into the recording, the VLC app on my phone crashed and the playback stopped. Instead of turning it back on again, I told myself “no insistence, no resistance”, and proceeded to drift off into a semi-awake semi-asleep state.

In this phase-shifted state, I began to drift in and out of focused consciousness, and drift into some kind of flow consciousness, wherein I was just observing the thoughts, rather than me being inside of the thoughts. It took a bit of practice to maintain this state, because our natural inclination is to focus-in on the thought. So every time I did that and broke the flow, I gently expanded myself back into the flow state, moving “outside” of the thought. As Bashar said, our consciousness exists as a bubble, that can expand or contract, so expand outward.

I saw various places, that I had never seen before, saw people that I hadn’t seen before. One image or experience after another would just float by, it was so surreal. So I got curious and decided to ask Bashar what was going on. And he replied! He said I was looking at the life and experiences of my parallel self, going to places which from my linear space-time perspective, were not accessible to me. Basically, it was a parallel universe that looks very similar to Earth, but at the same time it’s different.

After this explanation, I told Bashar that I felt very lost, I felt very small, amidst all the images and sounds and sensations that were constantly flowing around us. Upon hearing me, he said that their civilisation exists permanently in this flowing dream/reality state, do not say that the dream is different from reality, they are one and the same, realise that they are both equally valid manifestations of the universal quantum field. He then said that unlike us, they allow themselves to treat all realities equally and constantly flow between them, whereas we prefer to stop and start and view one reality as more valid than others, hence do not experience the full range of All That Is. He also mentioned that because my frequency wasn’t high enough yet, as I interacted with their consciousness, their energy was beginning to overwhelm me, and thus I was feeling lost and very small. It was as though my own identity was disappearing and merging into theirs.

At this point, I thanked Bashar and his Collective Consciousness (his people) for their very blatant, very direct, very open contact with me, and the wholeness of their energy (which felt like a very big whirling wind of experiences just swirling around) began to recede back into the void or ether or whatever it was that we were in that space, that flow space. I could feel myself re-integrating, coming back together into some point of awareness, of solidity, and I woke up.

I checked the clock; although our conversation seemingly only lasted for 15 minutes or so, 2 hours had passed, it was now 1pm. Somehow I had skipped over 2 hours, like magic! I just want everyone to know that as we’re now in open contact, expect very blatant, very direct communication. We don’t have to listen to some old tapes, we can talk to them right now in real-time! It’s not going-to-happen or will-happen, it is HAPPEN-NING right NOW.

Aveo, and thanks for reading! 🙂


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Mar 05, 2023

Nice one!

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