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A Pink Flamingo

(My?) hybrid kid stops by to give me a gift!

Dear Star Family!

I just had a strange and super clear dream in which I saw my ex-China girlfriend. We went to see some movie together at around 4PM. She then decided to leave early at 18:18PM, to go back to her hometown, I felt she wanted to see another guy. I was disappointed, but I knew she had to go and follow her heart. Before leaving, she said there was something else in my aura, something white and thick.

Oddly enough, in my dream, the movie theatre was red in color, and all the people in it were wearing red uniforms. I too was wearing a red outfit, but it was from somewhere else, not the same uniform as the people in the theatre.

As I dejectedly headed for the stairwell to exit the theatre, I overheard a voice say that someone wanted to paint a thunderbird (was it a car?) in “SOLID BLUE”.

As I approached the stairwell, suddenly a very short boy, cartoonish in appearance, colourful striped clothing, with dark brown skin, who looked aboriginal, with strange large oval eyes, at a slight angle, found me and gave me a wooden “pink flamingo” . “This present is for you! To find your way home!”, he said.

“Who are you?!”, I said. But he already began to back away. As I began to walk down the stairwell, I shouted out at him and he was startled, walking backwards slightly, but he already was leaving, I said “I want to go home!”, as though imploring him to take me home.

Wherever home is, I wasn’t sure. I thought maybe, his home. (No expectations!)

Aveo! From Essassani With Love

28 April 2023, 4:00AM (GMT +8)


Just walked by this shop in the mall, everything inside is blue. The Chinese words say: “Hello, I am in Shenzhen. I really want to meet you. Lift your head to see me, I will bring you good fortune!” Ms Blue is like some kind of genie, she can make stuff appear.


Ms Blue is romancing me again…

“I wandered around and I finally found…somebody who could make me be true…and could make me be Blue…”.

Oh Blue…Oh Blue…let’s go somewhere nice…you know…somewhere Over The Moon…

29 April 2023, 10AM (GMT +8)


Oh! Blue!

1. When you're not following your excitement, time moves slowly, it drags on.

2. When you're following your excitement, time moves quickly, it vanishes in a flash.

3. And when you're in love, time stops, it ceases to exist. You are completely in the moment.

That's real love.

29 April 2023, 1PM (GMT +8) P.S.: I believe Blue is a hybrid, possibly Shalanaya or Yahyel, she's much too human to be an Arcturan. ;)

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