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A Message From Mr Grey

Connecting into the Grey vibration and making a new friend.

Dear Star Family,

The past week I haven’t really been following my highest excitement, as my higher-self seemingly has decided to circle back into a denser vibration to pick-up some lost souls…souls that also want to come along on this journey into the unknown with the rest of us. As a result, my connection to Blue hasn’t been as vivid, though she still reminds me of her presence through synchronicity!

So last night I took the time to follow my highest excitement, and oddly enough was led to listen to the audio book “Communion” ( by that (now very famous) author Whitley Strieber. After listening for a few minutes, I got tired of the audiobook, so I switched it off…and I heard the tap in my bathroom suddenly leak water, and several other clangs around the apartment. I am familiar with these, especially when I am connecting into the Grey vibration.

So I thought…if I were Mr Grey…what would I do? I know Pau La said that he was rather angry with us that we weren’t taking care of Mother Earth, and that we’re going down the same path as they did. So then I was led to listen to the Monroe Institute’s ”Going Home” Series, Subject, 03. Remove & Release. I had placed VLC into a random shuffle…and subsequently dozed off. Around 3-4AM, I found myself outside my body, then suddenly a small ghostly white hand with long fingers came out of the ether and touched my (etheric) face!

So the message from Mr Grey is: “Remove and release your fears and addictions to materialism, and let go of what does not serve, and do what your heart tells you, which is to take care of Mother Earth.”

21 April 2023, 4:05AM.

Aveo everyone! 💙👽❤️

From Essassani With Love


Ms Blue Reminds Me Of Her Presence:

I met my friend last night (20 April 2023), who has quit her unexciting job in Shenzhen and is moving to Beijing to be with her spiritual teacher that she found after I introduced Bashar’s formula to her.

Amazingly, her teacher says exactly the same things as Bashar but in perfect Mandarin - what I could never do. So she attracted to herself the person appropriate to her spiritual path of awakening.

She thanked me for making the minute adjustment to her path in this life, and states she is no longer worried about her life and finances and knows that a bright future of enlightenment awaits her.

One of her parting gifts to me are these 2 chocolate balls, one gold and one blue. Aveo!

Blue and I are an effective team. 💙👽❤️🤣🌀🛸

Her reflection to me is: “Let go of the old, let in the new. If I can do it, so can you!”


Lady w/ Child:

As some of you recall from my YouTube video (, about 2 weeks ago I had a very frightful experience in the middle of the night. After I told the entity/being to leave, my face was massaged with energy and I saw a golden ball of light with an ET face in the middle.

After this I fell asleep and entered a lucid dream state, in which an image of a very very fair lady (pale white) holding a baby was flashed directly into my mind. It took me a while to paint this out because I'm actually not used to drawing out people - I'm actually an engineer and I'm more comfortable drawing out machines and devices even in 3D! So I did my best by following my excitement and tracing images from the internet. The resultant painting is from an amalgamation of images that were flashed at me in my lucid dream.

I do not know much else about this lady holding a baby. Though Ms Blue has told me before whilst I was in the telempathic flow state: "Cosmic Romance, 4th July, 4th July, 4th July". Anyway, no expectations! Just go with the flow!


Blue Synchronicity:

Me: “Oh Blue Blue where art thou? I miss you.”

Blue: “Turn right, go into that Japanese restaurant and order some food and a drink.”

Me: “Click, opens menu. Huh…”


This Japanese drink is known as “Hata Ramune” and is a symbol for “summer” in Japan…Summer Blues…4th July…Cosmic Romance…maybe something is going to happen soon…soon…soon…

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