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A Face In The Crowd

When our dreams become lucid-interactive...and then "they" show up!

Hello Star Family!

It's been a while since I posted anything since Ms Blue hasn't stopped by in her quasi-physical state or even in my dream state for about 3 weeks. Most of my nights now are quite dreamless, partly because I had stopped following my excitement for a month and gave into my fear...

I know, I know I am working through A LOT of negative beliefs! The process seems accelerated now, and although Ms Blue isn't around in quasi-physical form, my Spirit Guides are very active constantly throwing synchronicities at me left and right to get me off my butt!

Bashar even kind of "scolded" (my definition) me one time, saying "You won't get more information until you USE the information we gave you!". So in other words, I have to write blogs, do some videos and basically HELP OTHERS by sharing all this information to you all.


My Dolphin Dream Painting:

Anyway, so that painting above had been in my mind for weeks, but I didn't know it's significance so I didn't paint it out. I think now whatever weird dreams I get, I should paint it out!

This dream occurred on 11th of April 2023, after I visited an aquarium with my sister and her niece...we saw lots of blue fish, blue water and blue things...and there was even this huge amazing aquarium wherein some white noise was pumped in, and it was all so...meditative.

Anyway, after I got home I was feeling very hot, so I took a bath and dozed off. And when I went to sleep I dreamt that I was standing in front of the entrance to a restaurant at the aquarium. I was looking at the people inside, when all of a sudden I saw this short (child-like) brown-skinned person with golden eyes (just like Ms Blue) looked at me and smiled and waved!

The entire experience was all so peculiar, because usually my dreams or even lucid dreams have a very movie-like quality to them. I would either watch the whole thing like a movie, or I would control the whole thing lucidly. But this person, well he wasn't under my control, he was under his own control!

So I thought "hmm that was a weird dream", and well lets be honest, he's not as attractive as Ms Blue, so I didn't paint him out...I'm not into guys...then several weeks later, I asked Bashar "what shall I listen to?" and *bam* this audio tape came up!

So to summarize the video, how first contact will happen is that first of all they will show up in our dreams, exactly as I had experienced...then the dreams will happen more and more frequently, and eventually one day when we wake up from the dream, we would still see them standing in front of us; they would have "emerged" from the dream!

I know...all this sounds like we're living in the Matrix...and if you deep-dive Bashar, he always says that all space-time is an illusion, and basically everything is just our Collective Consciousness is at this time shifting it's frequency into the extraterrestrial frequency, so we're starting to see them more and more!

Aveo! I hope this helps, and gives you yet another permission slip to contact the Sassani (Shakani) and the YahYel. (after their vibrational upgrade, Bashar's people call themselves Shakani...and after contacting us, we're known as Enanika, rather than Enani)

Much love to you all! From Essassani (E'shakani) With Love


FYI, if you feel that somehow even after following all the Bashar permission slips, doing all those meditations for manifestation, and it's STILL NOT WORKING...then you may have this negative belief.

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