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2026-2027 Major ET Contact Event

Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka announces a major contact event!

Hello Star Family!

We have some amazing news this month of February 2023 - exciting things are coming! Most recently as some of you may know, Darryl Anka did his first live event in 3 years at the Conscious Life Expo 2023, which took place over 4 days (10th Feb to 13th Feb 2023).

This yearly expo aims to increase Earthling participation in the conscious co-creation of a new world, a world based on new paradigms in science, in spirituality, in longevity, in local and global community, in relationship, in health and well-being.

During this amazing event, Bashar announced that we would experience a world-wide, major extraterrestrial contact event that would occur sometime between mid 2026 till late 2027. He also said that it's important for each one of us to become our true selves.

The full 3-minute audio clip can be accessed here:


Other interesting synchronicities from around the web:

So all these synchronicities are leading me to believe that something massive and huge will occur in 2026/2027 as Bashar says, and all the archives and materials that were previously suppressed shall see the light in 2028 - when the rest of the world wakes up!


What about the Hybrid Children and smaller Bubble Reality Groups?

I've heard first hand from one of these individuals in said groups that for them open contact will begin as early as 2023 and continue through till 2025. So yes, if your vibration is already high enough right now, you're free to make contact anytime! Since we're right now in the Window of Open Contact; 2023 till 2033.


How do I raise my frequency in preparation for open contact?

A common question many people have when they first come into the Bashar groups is: "I can't see any aliens, how do I raise my frequency?". This is a legitimate question, especially if you were introduced to Bashar by a friend, rather than Bashar finding you, after you yourself did some forms of meditation first.

Remember, as Bashar says, we live in an acceptance reality. If you don't see any aliens, that's okay. You are perfectly perfect right now. Relax into the moment, enjoy the moment. The paradox is that when you relax into being your true-self, without *insisting* that something must happen, your frequency automatically raises to that necessary for ET contact.

Asking about your frequency, or insisting on your frequency, is the surest way to lower your frequency below 100,000 Hz. So surrender to the moment, live in the now and follow "The Formula" which automatically helps you let go of negative beliefs and raise your frequency.

You can refer to another blog post for an idea on how to make ET contact:

Though always remember that your best way to make ET contact, your form of excitement, could be very different from mine, so don't limit yourself. THE BEST WAY IS TO BE THE TRUE YOU, WHATEVER THAT MAY BE.


The Formula:

  • Follow your highest excitement

  • To the best of your ability

  • With no insistence on the outcome (the crucial step)

  • Along the path of least resistance

  • Until you can act no further (applies to actions that are unlawful)

Removing Negative Beliefs:

Aveo! From Essassani With Love

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