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Everything Is Frequency

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dear Star Family,

I believe I have figured out how to raise my frequency consciously (without going to sleep) through a form of self-guided meditation, rather than having to listen to the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Sync audio tapes.

As Bashar says, just follow your excitement with no expectations. So that’s what I did.

It was night time. I first found a quiet, cool, slightly windy, safe and comfortable spot, then leaned against a support in a sitting posture. I then did ohm chanting to get myself in the mood. Next I visualised Bashar’s Essassani triangle symbol, and as I ohm-ed the blue light started to pulse and breathe. Then after some time, Bashar’s triangle transformed into a 4-sided pyramid with a beam of white light coming off the apex. After sometime of ohm-ing, the pyramid disappeared, replaced with a point of hazy white light. At this point, I heard Bashar say “observe the heartbeat, the pulse of the light, ba-dum-dum, ba-dum-dum, ba-dum-dum”. As I heard his words the light began to pulse, and I felt one with the light. Then after sometime, Bashar said “focus yourself into the light, connect to the universe…you are one with everything…ba-dum-dum, ba-dum-dum…”. I believe connecting into and becoming that POINT, is connecting and absorbing oneself into the Universal Mind, as Steven M. Greer has often talked about in CE-5.

At this point, I was super calm, my eyes were closed, I had stopped ohm-ing, the external world disappeared, and all my being was in that point of light. Suddenly, I saw a bluish-greenish mist constantly being re-generated and sucked into this point of light. Then as the mist swirled into the point, I could see a face forming with two large eyes, it looked like a Grey or a Hybrid being. There in the mist, yet not there…the fuzzy face faded in and out faded in and out…As I stared into its eyes from within my mind’s eye, I suddenly felt something like a hand touch my lower back, and a slight pulse of electricity entered my body at that point, and caused my entire body to jerk.

I was freaked out, because it was the dead of night, and I was by myself outside, and I didn’t expect anyone/anything to touch me. All the hair on my body was standing on end, it was like my body was electrified. I opened my eyes and ended the meditation. Perhaps next time I should meditate with someone.

In retrospect, I do experience occasional pains/aches with my lower-back as I had a minor accident some years back which squished my spinal discs in that area. Perhaps our ET friends decided to give me an unexpected (no expectations) healing by touching that area.

I don’t know what happened, I had no expectations. Much love to all!

Encounter: Tuesday, 14th February, 2023, approximately 00:30 Hours (GMT +8)

P.S: I really believe that the key is having no expectations. The moment you want or expect an outcome or engage your rational or analytical mind, you drop your vibration and the experience stops. So really the key is to be like a small innocent child and have no expectations and just let yourself enjoy the moment, because the moment is all there is, and float freely…up, up, up!

Follow your excitement! It really works! :) From Essassani With Love


To expand the usefulness of this article, I have attached videos which you may find useful to kickstart your own “phase-shifted contact” experiences.

Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync (Hemispheric-Synchronisation):

Essassani “Vibrational” Telephone Number:

Bashar’s Energy-Stretching Exercise:

Dr Steven M. Greer’s CE-5 Contact Meditation:

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Thank you for allowing us to feel your experience....I had an experience of touch as well...a warm pressure and weight on my left was during a meditation I had fallen into inadvertently while contemplating the love between a soldier and his war horse on display in the War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada......the soldier sitting steadfastly on his proud mount....I thought of the care that the soldier must take of his horse and how the horse so nobly in turn took care of his master...and the love and friendship that blossomed between them...and I fell into the haze of this intense love that everything else in the large museum space disappeared and I was alone blissfully experiencing the dimentions…

Replying to

Yes, our experiences remind me of PK (Psychokinesis). I think the ETs and other beings can do this routinely. So when we enter these altered vibrational states they can manifest interdimensionally.


I completely agree with you ...having no expectations has often been when I have had profound experiences such as you describe.....Thank you for the description of your technique....


Feb 13, 2023

💚✨🐳 Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing this experience with us all...

Replying to

You're welcome! ❤️👁‍🗨

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