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Updated Laws For UFO/UAP Whistleblowers

Changes to U.S. laws mean that UFO/UAP whistleblowers will not be persecuted.

Hello 2023! Big news, President Biden just changed the U.S. laws regarding disclosure of extraterrestrials. UAP/UFO whistleblowers will not be persecuted, even if they've signed NDAs with USAPs.

The new legislation, in brief:

  1. Provides greatly enhanced authorities and resources for the ‘All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office’ or ‘(AARO),’ which now reports directly to the leaders of the Defense Department and the Intelligence Community.

  2. Mandates a review of all intelligence documents involving UAP from 1945 to the present.

  3. Requires DoD, DHS, and the IC to identify any non-disclosure agreements related to UAP and provide those to the new AARO office.

  4. Directs the new AARO office to develop a UAP science plan to assess the sometimes mysterious and mind-bending capabilities being reported as well as a collection plan to leverage America’s vast technical intelligence apparatus to determine where these objects are coming from and their capabilities and intent.

  5. Provides a secure process for anyone who has signed an official US government secrecy agreement related to UAP to come forward and reveal that information to AARO and to Congress, regardless of the level of classification, without fear of retribution or prosecution. This provision is intended to determine the veracity of longstanding allegations indicating that the US government has recovered extraterrestrial technology and perhaps even extraterrestrial beings.


Let's see if these changes drag anything new into the light of disclosure. 💡

According to this entertaining 7News segment by Ross Coulthart, the whistleblowers are lining up and preparing to testify. Although it's mainstream, it's also a start to bring more of our extraterrestrial activities into the consciousness of the average Joe or Jane.

If this really comes to past, and it's not just another game by the intelligence's gotta be called #stargate, not #watergate 😂


In addition, the UAPx team a member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, has released a YouTube video discussing their findings from the documentary "Tear In the Sky", released in 2022.

  • From kinematics, it was shown that the objects are moving as fast as spacecraft

  • Camera sensor artifacts can be caused by CMEs from our Sun

  • Maxar satellite data was redacted during time of sighting, mysterious

Much love to you all, From Essassani With Love

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