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The Prism Of Lyra

Discover the true galactic origins of humanity and who is Ms Blue!

Hi Star Family!

This blog post is a summary of my amazing synchronicities yesterday (22 May 2023), as well as new insights about Ms Blue and new information that I am attracting to myself!


Synchronicity Log (22 May 2023):

At 2AM, I attend a Clubhouse meeting about sharing our ET experiences, I talk about the riddles the Hybrid Children give me, and David recommends I read the books by “Ishuwa YahYel”.

In the morning, higher mind tells me to go to the seaside again, specifically Pasir Ris beach. HM gives me these flashes of visions and images, that I can just follow, super easy.

On the way there, I decide to research the book by “Ishuwa YahYel”, and I stumble across the book called “The Phoenix Lights” on Amazon…yet another reference to red hair and Phoenix.

But that book wasn’t so exciting, what got me really excited was “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest. When I saw the book cover, I felt tingles all over my body. I posted the cover of this book to my Facebook.

When I finally got to the seaside park, I found a secluded spot in nature and sat down to meditate; since I remember Ms Blue telling me that if I ever feel confused, I should sit down and meditate, since now I am very confused about who she is. Also by meditating we realign ourselves to our true selves, and thus shift/teleport ourselves to a nicer universe.

During my meditation, I visualized a quartz crystal prism first spinning in the distance, then eventually arriving at where I was sitting and completely enveloping me. As Bashar says, let your imagination take over and run the whole show.

Then after sometime, I heard a whole cacophony of sounds made by children. But I continued my Bashar channeling meditations to re-integrate, then find my place of perfect peace within nature…the soothing breeze, and the sounds of birds and flying insects was very pleasant.

After completing my meditation, I got up and walked out of the forested area to find a whole group of students wearing blue uniform. I thought to myself, oh no the ETs must be hinting about my hybrid kids again; I was an English teacher last year, and I didn’t like it.

I go for lunch at the seaside, and when I am preparing to leave, I see a man and a woman walking towards me, they both wore identical red coloured T-shirts with blue coloured words that read serendipET. Behind them were even more young children wearing blue shirts. Upon researching their website, I discovered that they’re a school for experiential learning (exactly what Bashar talks about how our schools should be like).

*this image is NOT an endorsement, it's an observation of my synchronicities*

On my way home, a friend from the Bashar group messages me about the book “The Prism of Lyra”, he sends me the original cover of the book, and it’s super amazing. It shows a Gray ET with a hybrid child who has white hair and golden cat-like eyes. The Grey is holding a quartz coloured prism…behind them trails a golden DNA strand that encircles the Earth with a rainbow!

What’s weird is that following my excitement, I’ve recently bought a T-shirt that looks like this…and very often I end off my messages with ❤️👽💙🛸💚🌈🌏.

I believe the ETs have the ability to implant ideas into our subconscious, even if we do not consciously remember our experiences with them. What’s fascinating is that I remember Ms Blue’s eyes the most clearly, and I remember she has golden eyes, just like the book cover! About 2 weeks ago I saw Cute White with fully white hair! So Ms Blue reminding us that they’re hybrids! I haven’t seen either of them in a while, I wonder where are they…

Later on in the day, I research the book, The Prism of Lyra, and I discover that you can download the free PDF online, or view it for free on Amazon Kindle - how amazing! Then I also look for a book summary and discover more information at:

So this begins our Higher Mind School about the true origins of humanity and our ET friends! Have a good one everyone, and I look forward to my next ET synchronicity and download!

Aveo! From Essassani (E'shakani) With Love

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