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T-Shirt: I'll Give You My Galaxy

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

This was a massive download that I received on the same night!

Get Print/T-Shirt on Red Bubble:

Dear Star Family,

Mrs Blue downloaded into me another yoga pose, and I will be happy just to paint it out for myself.

What I am beginning to understand is that she is unique in her own way. I can’t expect her to be another Bashar with all his metaphysical concepts and science…Blue is Blue, and she sure seems interested in yoga!

Maybe this is what I need to do as well!


You can see my painting process below:

It was quite complex layering, but when Blue sends me a download, it all comes naturally!

If you feel inspired to get a print or t-shirt for yourself, head over to Red Bubble. Thank you for your support!

Thanks for reading! From Essassani (E'shakani) With Love

3 June 2023

6:36AM (GMT+8)

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