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Out-Of-Body w/ Bashar

Lucid out-of-body dream with Bashar narrating.

I found myself floating above and close by to a glowing blue technological pod containing a humanoid figure. She/he/it was laying on a series of blue segmented cushions and generally appeared to be unconscious or asleep.

Bashar explained that in the decades to come, our civilization would develop soul transfer technology. The technique involves playing-back certain sequences of electromagnetic energy and tones at a person, which would induce an out of body experience.

A new cloned body would be prepared nearby, and through some process, the soul would be induced to enter the second body. Bashar said that at this time, this technology isn't appropriate for us because we are still a very segregated and divided society.

In the coming decades, as we integrate ourselves more and more, this technology will be made available to all, not just the elite. It will allow you to swap your old body for a new one, if it's necessary for you to continue your journey within this particular timeline.


In the next scene, Bashar taught me how to consciously induce an out of body experience for myself. Here are his instructions:

In your minds eye, imagine yourself standing near a tall balcony with a parapet. Focus on a far away object with the intention of traveling there.

Run towards the balcony, and as your body hits the parapet, use the momentum of running and the intention of letting go or detachment to push or pull yourself out of your body.

When I did this I felt myself move out of my body and move up high above the balcony and I saw my own physical body leaning against the parapet, the wind flapping against my astral body.

It was all so real, and all I felt was peace and love. When you leave your body, it feels more comfortable than your physical body.

There is no pain, no discomfort, its all so free, so natural, so peaceful, so loving. You are surrounded by nothing but love.

After sometime I thought, "Oops I'd better go back into my body, it's still just leaning against the parapet". I zoomed back into my body and woke up.

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