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I Am Sacred!

A meme-inspiring way to have all your sacred circuits on one t-shirt!

Hello Star Family!

I apologize for my lack of blog posts here, but recently most of my excitement and attention has been going to YouTube, and Ms Blue's channel "A Fierce Blue Fire". So if you want all the latest updates on my synchronicities, and how life is so strange and amazing now, you can go's basically like my v-log!


The t-shirt design was inspired by Ms Blue, when she downloaded this idea into my head...that "Hey! Women are sacred!" and at the same time you can remember all your sacred circuits on one t-shirt! If you'd like to support this website and the YouTube, you can order a print or t-shirt from Red Bubble!

"Women are sacred!" -Ms Blue

In response to those who asked me about "What Bashar meditations I can do?", well here's a list!

  1. Holotope Meditations

  2. Transformative Shifting

  3. Sacred Circuits

  4. Hour of Power Meditation

Basically, all these videos you can find on YouTube for free! But of course, if you love Darryl Anka's work, do purchase the originals (that are of high quality) from


Have a great day everyone! And remember...RED and BLUE! RED and BLUE! RED and BLUE!



From Essassani With Love

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