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Darryl/Bashar - Art Of Channeling

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

A post about lost recordings, copyright concerns, and the sharing of knowledge.

Hello E'ssassani Community!

So over the course of this year, I've just been following the excitement of my higher mind, posting short videos here and there on the YouTube channel. I know Darryl talks a lot about copyright, and I know we do have to respect his views (and April's) on the "Earthly law", so it is a fine-line when we're doing our best to get the word out and at the same time respect the wishes of the "Earthly company" Bashar Communications.

That said, I do believe that a "higher force" is guiding me, because I really just use my feelings to select the clips that go onto YouTube, and I notice the clips do seem to follow a theme, a trend, it isn't completely random. And certain videos do really speak to some people at the exact time that they need them - synchronicity.

At the time when I started the YouTube channel "From Essassani With Love", it was out of gratitude for Bashar and his people, and the wisdom that I felt was not being shared enough with the Peoples of Earth. And I will continue this mission for as long as required, until the powers-that-be decide I should move on to other endeavors; at which time I will gladly hand the channel over to another passionate soul. *** Okay, now with that out of the way, I want to show you all what I've old recording called "The Art Of Channeling". I looked inside, and I couldn't find it. I'm not sure if they renamed it; I would be happy if anyone could provide me advice on this. The recording I have obtained is very raw, and I am still in the process of editing it to remove:

  • Darryl's fits of heavy coughing, which distract from the meditation

  • Background whirs, clicks and beeps from the recording equipment

  • Volume EQ for portions in which the audio is very soft

  • Removal of awkward pauses, heavy sighs, random banter

  • Removal of multiple repeated segments (tape conversion issue)

I have a feeling within me that this is what Bashar and his people want me to publish next, but its about 4 hours long, and I am not sure about the copyright. I remember Bashar did mention that the next phase of communication will take a "different form", and perhaps this could be it! Check out this video talking about "free information":

I have another video coming up in which Bashar encourages a questioner to execute on his mission of becoming a channeler. And Bashar specifically mentions that they only do the work because we do not want to get the information ourselves..."teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime...".


Anyway, without further ado, I shall post the raw audio file for you to peruse, and you can give your opinions about whether I should indeed post it.

*** Thanks for reading! And let me know your opinions...should I post this to YouTube? Where do I ask for permission to publish this "lost" material? Go with love! From Essassani With Love

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