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Communicating With Our Higher Mind

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Tools & Techniques

For humans, our physical mind and higher mind are disconnected, because we are swimming very deep in the physical ocean. So the signals from the ocean surface cannot clearly reach us deep below.

For ETs, like Bashar, their connection with their higher mind is very strong, very superconductive, because they're in higher dimensions (5th dimension, 5th density).

However, that doesn't mean we can't get nudges or hunches from our higher mind.

Imagine you are diving very deep in the ocean, and there is an air hose connecting you to the boat on the surface. Your suit radio is broken, so you can't talk to the people on the boat. The boat is a metaphor for your higher mind.

However, the boat can change direction, and this will tug on your air hose. So as the diver (the physical mind), you will feel the tug of the air hose, and you will know where the boat wants to take you to.

Pain and resistance that you face in your daily life, are you (the physical mind) swimming in the opposite direction to the air hose connected to the boat (higher mind). So that pull, tug, unease, discomfort is a sign you are not following the *urgings* of your higher mind.



In addition to Bashar's "Follow your highest excitement with no insistence on the outcome, along the path of least resistance", Abraham Hicks says it in the following way "Everything you want is downstream, not upstream, stop fighting the current and go with the flow!"

Bashar has certain meditations (sacred circuits, enneagram) for you to use to go up to the 'surface' to talk to the 'boat', but I have found these only work when you're asleep and your astral body can leave the physical body. Once you're back in your physical body, the connection is broken and you have to rely on the tug of the air hose.

That being said, those meditations are still useful to increase the 'size of your air hose', so the tug and pull is much stronger and clearer to you during your waking hours.


Transformative Shifting:

Sacred Circuits:

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