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Bashar: Lost Tapes #2 and #3

Very old recordings that aren't available on

In addition to the "Art Of Channeling", these two very old lost tapes/recordings can no longer be found on By uploading them into the public domain, it is hoped that the knowledge from Bashar will be adequately preserved for future generations.


In this video, Bashar talks about his first contact with humanity, and their hopes that we will eventually join with the Association of Worlds. The video starts off slowly at first, but the questions and answers session contains a wealth of insights and information.


In "Diving into the Unknown", Bashar talks about how our true selves are always found within the unknown, that the unknown should be our friend on this journey of self-alignment, self-discovery, and self-integration. This was the "last" public Bashar channeling.

*** For now, YouTube will contain 2-5 minute snippets of widely available Bashar videos, and maybe longer videos/workshops if the urging from the Ssassani people is very great. As always, we must do our best to respect the rights of Darryl Anka and Bashar Communications.

Ultimately, we must compensate them financially, so that their good work in bringing this fresh and up-to-date metaphysical information to humanity can continue. However, the Ssassani people may have different priorities because they're literally an alien civilization.

I generally do my best to balance the needs of Earth and the ideas of the Ssassani, and will upload these "lost tapes" when I do come across them. Sessions longer than 1 hour are challenging to process, so I'd rather just upload them wholesale for you to peruse.

Love and light,

From Essassani With Love

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