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Archive of Lost Bashar Recordings!

In 2016, an anonymous web user called "Yes" uploaded 58GB of "Lost Bashar Recordings" from 1984 onwards, into the Internet Archive.

Hello Star Family! With the discovery of an online archive of "Lost Bashar Recordings" from 1984 till around 2016 at, I have realized that many historical Bashar audio recordings are no longer available at

If you wish to make your own archive of "the archive", you can use this handy Python script written by ChatGPT: Be forewarned, the entire archive is approximately 58GB, so you will need that amount of space on your SSD/hard disk.

Interestingly, at first I was rather daunted about sorting through the roughly 2600-2700 individual MP3 files, but through following my excitement, I realized that each file had meta-data, which then allowed me to very quickly determine which year and session they came from!

As such, I have compiled a complete list of all channeling sessions; it is an amalgamation of the web archive as well as those from You can access it and comment here:

As Bashar says, when you follow your excitement, everything will accelerate!


IDEA: Bashar Searchable Database Project

I notice that the older recordings, pre-2000s, sometimes have degraded audio quality; perhaps this is why they're not included at However, I discovered that through the use of an artificial intelligence transcribing service such as, we can recover up to 90-95% of the audio information.

I have created a page showing you two transcriptions of the 1984 session "Navigation Limitation":

The A.I did most of the work, but I did have to spend about 1 hour proof-reading the text to make sure it's accurate. It's likely through the use of artificial intelligence, more of such extraterrestrial information will become available to the wider public. If you wish to help out with proof-reading of the transcriptions, do drop me a message!

Aveo! From Essassani With Love


P.S.: It is indeed ironic, that although we have so much overwhelming evidence of extraterrestrial involvement and communication, that some people still deny their existence - haha!

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Brilliant work! 💗

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