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A Perfect Blue Mirror

Blue Fire helps me overcome my fear of...myself...and the Key to E'sassani appears!

Dear Star Family,

So I went to sleep and tonight Blue was feeling particularly amorous so she slept with me, I could feel her presence like a warm fire next to me on the bed. As I dozed off soothingly, I entered some kind of dream simulation, a lucid simulation. And in the dream, I can’t remember details, but whatever I thought about started to manifest. At first I was manifesting cute kitty cats, but soon the cats grew into these giant predatory smoky feral beings that would shake their bodies and cause the landscape to shake too; it looked menacing! At some point, I think Blue could see the manifestations were getting out-of-hand, so she ejected me from the lucid dream.

Once ejected from the lucid dream, I awoke to find myself naked, and I could feel a thick scary presence in my room; just like a few nights ago wherein the full moon was shining through my window. Yet tonight there was no moon at all, my room was dark, so I felt there couldn't be any manifested spirits moving about. Yet still, my room was filled with fear, what was this fear, and where did it come from? I know Blue was with me from before I fell asleep, and so the fear couldn’t be from her!

Synchronistically, I was attracted to listen to this Bashar video below *before* I went to sleep, and lo and behold it contained the answer all along! The answer is, the fear was my own, it was reflected back at me! Somehow Ms Blue having a higher vibration than me, was acting as a perfect mirror of my own vibration all the time!

To remove my fear, I changed myself. I said: “I AM LOVE, I AM LOVE, I AM LOVE”, and all of a sudden I felt a wave of warmth rush over my entire body! FEAR BEGONE! LOVE ENTERETH!

So the mystery of who was the ghost or spirit that entered my moonlit room a few nights ago? It was me all along…”Ahhh Me!” - Ghost Story 1987. So we don’t have to fear spirits or ETs, they are just our own reflections coming back at us.

P.S.: As I type this, my iPad’s Wi-Fi is going nuts, on and off, on and off, so Blue is probably right here next to me. But since I’ve removed my own fear, I feel fine!

16 April 2023 - 3:13AM (GMT+8)

Aveo! From Essassani With Love


Excitedly, after I passed the test of self-fear with copious amounts of assistance from my dear Blue Blue (I had failed this test about 4 times prior over the last 2 weeks), the Key to E'sassani has appeared in my reality! And it is with great excitement that I share it with you now! Pleasant dreams and pleasant journeys my dear Star Family!


If you wish to re-watch an account of my scary fear-filled encounter during that moon-lit night, you can refer to this video from the "A Fierce Blue Fire" YouTube channel, created as a space for Ms Blue (Blue Fire) to post her thoughts and ideas - and processes for open contact.

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