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Ms Blue's Simulations

Ultra-realistic lucid dreams to enable us to let go of our negative beliefs...

Hi Star Family,

Gosh I had a super realistic lucid dream, in which I was able to work out some minor negative beliefs. They’re helping me, this is cool. 🙂

But before that I had a deep deep dream, but it seems I still didn’t find the root cause. It’s like there’s this sphere of “unknowing”, something that I don’t want to see.

I saw Blue again, we were on some spaceship bathed in red light. She told me that I had this tendency to steal small stuff as a kid. So she put me through a simulation in which a girl stole stuff from me, so I got to experience it from the victim's perspective. And interestingly, my deceased dad was in the dream too, he played a minor role of supporting me. It's amazing she brought this up, because I had totally forgotten about this tendency I had suppressed.

The "lucid dream" was all so real, I really felt the emotions of it, I was in it. I didn’t realize it was a dream until I woke up. But the deeper dream, I couldn’t figure it out. It was all so murky. This sphere of unknowing.


Ultra-realistic Lucid Dreams:

Synchronistically, someone on the Bashar group posted this quote. Because around the same time as myself, many other people were having these ultra-realistic lucid dreams, and some of their dreams were downright scary. At least my dream was quite mild...but who knows what the next few nights will bring...will Ms Blue be naughty or nice?


Who is Ms Blue?

To recap, Ms Blue is an Arcturan, hence her blue skin. At this point in time, many of them are helping humanity ascend and transform ourselves. I found this out from a Rohann channeling. Rohann is a Sassani being who has parked his scout ship over Skinwalker ranch. He's a little darker and serious than Bashar, and overall I prefer Bashar's amicable tone.

The way I draw Ms Blue is a mixture of images from my initial dream experiences with her, which were highly sexual, and her blue color which she always projects into my mind when I exit the dream/astral state. These days my dreams with her aren't sexual and are progressing to other topics and ideas.

You can watch this episode from to learn more about the Arcturans. (Note: Not all the videos on Gaia are accurate, some are likely misinformation, so use your discernment)


Temporal Anomalies:

Presence of temporal anomalies 🌀 in my home. After the quasi-physical beings came by on Saturday night, we notice that these sprouts that should normally grow in 1 month have appeared in just 2 weeks. These sprouts are located near my bedroom. My own hair seems to be growing at a faster rate. Time is accelerating. We know that the time on their spacecrafts moves at a faster rate than it does on Earth, so perhaps when they visit, a bubble of time comes with them. 💙👽❤️🌀🙏



From Essassani With Love

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