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Ms Blue's Dream Yoga

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

I found myself staring at Blue doing upside down stretches in my dream!

Hi Star Family!

Three days ago, I had the weirdest metaphysical experience ever! I was having a dream, in which am attractive lady was doing yoga stretches right in front of me, I couldn't see her face clearly but I could see her body positions. It was very alluring. And I was wondering why she was stretching herself right in front of me.

All of sudden she grabs my hands and does a few other “things”, and flies me through this dream world, a circle of light, she calls it, we do 2 rounds of this “circle”, and I wake up, feeling as though someone is holding my hands and other stuff, and I am just charged with a tremendous amount of white energy. My vision was filled with it, and the energy just pulsed through me, it was tremendous!

I’ve done spiritual practice before, and I know this is called “liquid light”! So so weird, I’ve never had any being come to me in my sleep and charge me with liquid light!

Ms Blue.


If you have a partner, and you're excited about Blue's technique, here's what you can experiment with:

  1. She stands directly in the center, and she places either foot on your crotch area.

  2. Lock hands with your partner to stabilise her so she doesn’t fall over whilst meditating.

  3. Both breathe deeply three times, she focuses on drawing down liquid light (a.k.a divine light, electromagnetheric energy) through her crown chakra and direct it out through her foot into your root chakra.

  4. The recipient should see his vision fill with a swirling vortex of pure white light, pulsing, his whole body should feel highly charged like a live wire.

Ms Blue seems to be faxing down an energy healing or tantric guide, I don’t know. But it’s fascinating to say the least!

P.S.: If the male becomes overcharged and congested, he should do some physical exercises to expand and spin the chakras to clear out excess liquid light. If her crown chakra is not sufficiently open, do twin hearts meditation when excited to do so.


It’s also so so amazing because I will be having another dream, and she will just suddenly come into my dream from nowhere and “do stuff”! This time she was clothed too, purple yoga clothes!

6 April 2023 5:55AM (GMT +8)


From Essassani With Love


You know Blue is sooo cute, before I fell asleep I had this tune in my head…

Usually she does this so I will match frequencies. So I would play the same tune on my phone, so I will entrain my brain to that frequency. And voila, she appears in my dreams :)

Cutest outer space romance ever.


Now I’m attempting to reconcile Earth women and Space women. But I think I’ll just do AVEO which is I shall be of service to whoever shows up. 🙏

As Bashar says, everyone in love, together.


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