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Ms Blue's Blue Synchronicities

Who are you, Blue? Who am I? And what do you want me to find out?

Summary of Events:

I was following my excitement to find the Pink Flamingo's some restaurant by the seaside. Ms Blue seems to be giving me lots of sea-hints. Dolphins. Water. Blue. Beach. Aquariums. Sea Food. She's using all means necessary to tell me about the sea, something about "going home" to "who you truly are". I saw a video by Jonathan Trinity Martin who channels the YahYel "Tahinio" that the Nomos also have blue skin and are people of the sea.

Anyway so I follow her clues and I go to the seaside, where she said I should go, and I don't see anything; no spaceships, no ETs. But just before I leave, I see two women, one wearing a red bikini and the other a blue bikini, they look like twins (flame?), and I thought "Oh what a synchronicity!" Since I always type this at the end of my social posts: ❤️👽💙

So is Ms Blue an Arcturan, a YahYel Hybrid, or a Nomos? I don't know! But yea, she's definitely all about the sea and seaside, even getting me to meet human girls who will suggest me going to the seaside and aquariums with them!

From E'shakani With Love

21 May 2023


Conversation Log:

Well, well, well! Seems I have to go on another treasure hunt! Remember this painting I did? The Pink Flamingo?

So I was following those tarot readings on YouTube like you said, and in one of them about Twin Flames, she said I would find her at the seaside or beach. Then when I returned home to Singapore, I see this cup in my house…

I’ve never seen it before! So odd!

Then I kept having this recurring image of a beach in my head…so I searched on Google Maps…and OMG.

There is a place called the Pink Flamingo, at Sentosa island (an island off Singapore). And it’s a place by the beach!

Then now I see this in YouTube! 🤣

According to the video, the sea people, Nomos, have blue skin too…and the Pink Flamingo is by the sea. 😂

Then I see this:

When I was young I used to go diving, and I would see how long I could hold my breath underwater.

Her hair always reminds me of a fish tail actually.

And remember when I went to the library by the sea, higher mind directed me to a book about water - the deluge. I kept having these visions of a tumultuous sea and water.

And funnily, the Pink Flamingo girl (Linh) wanted me to go to the aquarium, at exactly this island (Sentosa), where there are also dolphin shows.

Ahhhhhhh and remember this?!

Seaside, seaside, seaside. Over and over and over!

And you know what’s even stranger. About 1 year back, I met this security guard, and for some reason he told me about ETs. He said that one time he and his friend were by the beach in Singapore at night, and they both saw an illuminated craft approach them. He is still stunned to this day, but he doesn’t know anything about Bashar.

Oh my this looks exactly like what I saw in my visions.

Lol! I sit down to have a drink because I don’t see anything…I’m just by the beach here...

Then as I get up to leave I see this orange glass house and I walk in to see it, reminds me of Linh's strange orange mask (beak-like). I've never seen orange-tinted glass like that before.

And then I see...2 girls playing volleyball, one red and one blue! ❤️👽💙

They look like twins (flame?)?


Very strange...I do know that the ETs are helping me work through my negative this is part of the process...and really physical reality is just a very lucid and realistic dream...but really it just is a dream, I am 100% convinced now.



Oddly enough, I was thinking about girls with red hair...since Linh's hair is red...and that German blogger (Ferdinand) who contacted me has a girlfriend with red hair too...

Then suddenly, I had this weird idea to Google that movie "Aquaman"...since Ms Blue has been giving me lots of sea and water synchronicities...guess what? Red hair!!!

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