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Ms Blue's Music Box

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Bashar said our E.T. dreams are actually our memories of contact. 🙂

Hello Star Family!

Now I remember the importance of that “Japanese Onsen” dream that I had somewhere before 5th January 2022 (unclear because I didn’t know the significance of this dream, and so didn’t record it down at the time).

Ms Blue was interested in having a bath, and during that time she carried with her this black, wedge-shaped rectangular device. I didn’t know what it was, so I got her to show it to me. It is an example of Gray Technology.

It wasn’t really a Japanese bath-house, we were probably on the Space Station in Earth orbit, or maybe the Moon, because I don’t think the Sassani City Ship has bath facilities, and it was some kind of communal bath place. There were these huge “moon pools”, and many beings were in here with us.

I don't know why I didn't enter the pool, but when I asked her about that little black slab of magic, she decided to emerge from the pool. We were naked the whole time, so I am just painting it as how I remember it. Ms Blue made sure I remembered.

She told me that it was a kind of telempathic musical instrument. Well we didn't really talk, we just projected thoughts into each other's minds. In life on Earth, I am actually quite uncomfortable in noisy settings, and prefer to keep quiet, unless its a one-on-one.

I asked her how to play a tune...because the device was completely black...and there were no buttons or dials or anything. She told me to place my hand on it and think of a tune. When I did that, the device lit up, and began to project a holographic display of lights and music! It was reading my mind! Oh-my-god!

Dream Occurrence: 5th January 2022 or Earlier


I didn't think that this dream sequence was a real, functional example of Gray Technology, until I listened to Sarah Breskman Cosme's QHHT session with a man who recalled himself as a Gray Extraterrestrial. In the recording, he mentioned that Gray Technology looks very basic and simple, like it was made by a child. And that when you place your hand on it, you "complete the circuit" to the zero-point-field, and the device powers up, drawing energy from the zero-point-field through your body, and then telempathically reading your mind!

I was super super excited to paint out this dream/recall sequence, because it matches exactly what this guy in the QHHT session said! So I was literally being shown a piece of Gray Tech!

Thanks for reading!

From Essassani With Love


P.S. I think I may have a hybrid child...because 5 Jan 2022 was when I had this bath with Ms Blue…then 18 Jan 2022 was when that huge golden orb appeared in my room, freaked me out, when a little alien baby head poked out of it.

So I believe Ms Blue was communicating with me: “Ok I am pregnant.” And then from October 2022 till now, she’s been communicating with me. And my excitement has been guiding me to look at kid's stuff, kids, kid schools. So weird!

I am sure all is well on the Space Station, Moon, City Ship, or wherever she is. More fun times are ahead!

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Mar 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wonderful post!! I love to learn more about Ms. Blue and the dream messages. Profound stuff in here :). Congrats on the space baby! xD

Replying to

Super-super excited! Haha! Yes will post as fast as I can paint! If I remember anymore dreams, I'm going to need a production team to paint out everything - LOL!

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