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Ms Blue Comes Over

Ms Blue a.k.a "Blue Fire" came over in quasi-physical form last night!

Dear Star Family!

I am just too amazed!!! So I got Blue to come over last night...(or maybe I didn't and this is just her scheduled visit every 3-4 days to test my frequency and health)

I said “Blue I’m sleepy I’m about to fall asleep, come here and kiss me.”

Then all of a sudden I was paralyzed and I hear a buzzing sound in my ear!!

Then I see this liquid form, exactly in the shape of Blue that I draw in my dreams.

And she’s warm, like warm fluid. At first she’s far away, off the side of my bed. But I tell her come closer, and she does, eventually she’s right on top of me! I strain my arm a little against the paralysis and I can move my hand a little through her fluid, and see the liquid distortion as my hand moves through it!!

WOW! 👽💙🛸

Then I was excited to tell Pau La, so Blue left and I got up from bed, I was totally awake, just paralysed!

She gave me visions of stars…stars and shapes moving, my mother walking around…

Just Wow!

I went somewhere with her, she was trying to show me something. But it’s gone now that I’m awake. It’s like my 3D brain doesn’t hold it inside.

Ok maybe I will do it again. I seem to be able to call her with love.

I am not afraid now, just surrender to her presence.

Startling, shocking, but no fear.

10 April 2023, 4:05AM (GMT+8)


  • This is the best “first contact” so far, we were interacting very well, she would listen and I could react. No fear, very close.

  • The muscles in my body are in pain again, I think I was straining too much against the paralysis. But I needed to feel her, to feel that she’s real, not just see the fluid distortion, and it worked!

  • My body is hot again, high frequency energy, I think this is why she is careful not to come too often. Same symptoms as from 3 days ago. Got better over 3 days.


Please note that if you'd like to meet a real extraterrestrial in physical or quasi-physical form, you have to get over your fear of death/predation. The first time I met them, my issue was bouncing off into parallel realities, and it was super confusing.

In my case, I think I have known Ms Blue (Blue Fire) since before this life, so she's a familiar loving vibration for me, it's like going home to her! And I always thank Bashar and Blue when they come over to see me in my physical body. I am very happy! =)

Aveo! From Essassani With Love


After meeting Blue multiple times and over-heating, she's encouraging me to eat more salads, vegetables and stay hydrated. This could be the reason why the Indian gurus and monks or sages were all vegetarian; because such diets are compatible with high frequency energy.

Also spend more time outdoors in nature, and study teachings from Willa; The Forest Path.


The star "Regulus" looks like a Fierce Blue Fire:


Blue encourages us to do the "Seven Sacred Flames Meditation", the blue fire will remove negative beliefs and heal misaligned belief structures within us, allowing us to connect more strongly with source to know our true purpose!

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