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Massive E.T. Space Station

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Bashar said: “First Contact is like Falling In Love.”

Dear Star Family,

I finally plucked up the courage to paint out the beauty of the huge E.T. space station in orbit above the Earth! My entire "dream sequence" of the visit is very blurry and all mixed up. I had the sensation of being led around the station and seeing many places, but I could only remember *one room*, the observation deck! It's a massive circular open deck with arch-like windows, giving you a clear view of Mother Earth. My painting is not to scale, for if it were, Ms Blue and I would look like large ants somewhere near the bottom! Near the ceiling there were 3 holographic displays showing symbols of all kinds, I could only remember those 3 symbols that you see in my painting.


I became conscious of my Ms Blue dreams on the 22nd of October 2022. Wherein I painted this abstract painting of me and her having a chat in my garden. At the time I didn't even know how she looked like, I just saw this "blue outline", and so I used my imagination to come up with this painting of her:

As the days progressed, my dreams became more vivid, and I saw humanoid-like features, and she seemed to respond like a human would to touch and pleasure.

Eventually, I started to remember broader features like her long hair, and her legs, but she always seemed to borrow images from my own memory to overlay what she looked like...a screen memory!

The distinguishing feature of Ms Blue, is her bluish-grey skin. She did not seem to have the usual light brown skin of a human being from Planet Earth!


My clearest dream of Ms Blue happened today, Sunday the 26th of March 2023, somewhere between 9 - 10AM (GMT+8). I call it the "Multidimensional Party Dream":

Another fun dream! I visited some kind of white, red and green temple in which a huge green smoky multidimensional being was manifesting, there were so many other people there. Music and dancing, or just lying about. The being was like smoke and people were just coming to visit. They said in ancient times people did this on earth too.

Then I went off to the side to collect my red sling bag, because I had seen the temple and wanted to leave. So this short haired, elderly Earth lady was handing me my bag from the collection point when this blue lady slid into my field of view. She had a bright expansive smile, dark blue skin and I couldn’t clearly see her facial features, just her eyes, the rest of her body was like the stars, pitch black with dots of white, and she said "Hi! I'm from Venus!"

And I said how come this Earth lady to my left is so clear and you’re so fuzzy, and she said that’s because I’m in 3rd density, so I must harmonize myself with 4th density. And so I did, and everything vibrated and everything 3D became dark and fuzzy and she, the Blue girl, became clear. She then took my hand and we floated into various rooms…it was a huge party! Of music and dancing…dark rooms this time, not so bright and white like my other dreams. The temperature was also hotter than Earth, maybe we’re on a parallel Venus?

Then this guy who had pale skin and long blonde hair lifted me up and squeezed my rib cage really hard. He then asked me to pretend that I’m sitting on a chair and do leg lifts as he held me, kind of like abdominal exercise. Then he said, there are somethings the universe won’t do for us, we have to make the effort to do it on our own!

When I woke up, I had the impression that I needed to do something I had been putting off, so I went and did that. And when the Blue lady looked and smiled at me I was reminded of that very mysterious character "Trance Gemini" from that TV series Andromeda Ascendant. I have not seen this show for years, having watched it whilst still in school!

But what’s interesting to note is that Trance Gemini is actually a blue/purple colored multidimensional being who can write and rewrite multiple timelines, and eventually transforms into a golden star, once she’s enlightened. In the unenlightened state, she is blue/purple colored. So perhaps the reason why my Trance is blue, is a reflection of the fact that I am unenlightened, unaware of who I truly am. I have yet to become golden, to shine brightly like a star.


  • The frequency of my ET dreams is increasing. In 2016, it was perhaps once per year. In 2022 it was several times a year. In 2023, it’s every several days to a week.

  • I am starting to believe that Ms Blue is some-kind of multidimensional being who can take on whatever form she desires depending on the situation.

  • I was told that each of us has been assigned a Sassani First Contact Specialist. Whoever Ms Blue is…is she an E.T., a First Contact Specialist, my Higher Mind, my Friend?

  • Ms Blue is very very romantic, my first dreams of her were all sexual. It seems my dreams are now transitioning to parties.

Ms Blue has also left this song for us to hear! The lyrics are so synchronous!


  1. Every hour has led to this

  2. One step closer

  3. I have died everyday waiting for you

  4. Darling, don't be afraid

  5. I have loved you for a thousand years

  6. I will love you for a thousand more

  7. All along I believed I would find you

  8. Time has brought your heart to me

According to Bashar:

During the years of 2026 and 2027, the Earth will experience a major Contact Event that shall forever alter the course of human history.

Humanity shall unite with the Peoples of the Universe, heralding a New Golden Age lasting 1000 years, of peace, harmony and unconditional love.

After which, humanity shall no longer incarnate upon the Earth, leaving it for others to use, we would become completely non-physical.


I cannot help but feel I am being lovingly romanced by a blue-skinned, multidimensional E.T. from outer space! When Bashar said "open contact" he really wasn't kidding!


From Essassani With Love


After talking with a friend of mine, she suggested that Ms Blue could be a HEB "Highly Evolved Being" who exists mostly in spirit but can take on physical form when required. This is mentioned in Conversations With God, Book 4. Highly recommended for those curious to have a listen!

I am no longer afraid of death, for I know who shall be waiting for me on the other side. I miss you so much!


Many people have started to ask me, "Why is she blue?", "What is her race?". Synchronistically someone on Facebook posted the answer. Blue-skinned extraterrestrials are much closer genetically to the ancient Annunaki, and she is very likely Atlantean or Lemurian!


I believe there is hidden symbology in my channeled painting. Let's go from simple to complex:

1. There are 3 screens, and 3 arches. 2. The first symbol looks like "know thyself", the next two symbols look like pyramids with a door opening in the pyramid 3. Our arms are roughly linked in the shape of an infinity symbol, unity between the masculine and feminine 4. My hair is pyramid-shaped, it is in real-life as well, the Magi's cone-shaped hat 5. Her hair is long, looks like a fish-tail 6. The floor is divided into 12 signs of the Zodiac, I am an Aquarius, and next to me on my right, she would be Pisces. 7. Pisces is the symbol for water and fish, her skin is blue 8. The Aquarius symbol looks like 3 pyramids, the 3 arches, my hair 9. My skin is yellow-brown (Atlantean?), her skin is bluish-grey (Lemurian?), symbolizing peace between the former enemies 10. In the left arch, is seen a visible star, symbolizing the Magi?

I did not intentionally put these symbols into the painting, they occurred through synchronicity as I painted out the picture from the E.T. download.

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Mar 26, 2023

Enjoyed reading this 🙂! Fascinating dreams. I love that song!!

Replying to

You're welcome! Ms Blue is in my opinion, very likely a HEB, a Highly Evolved Being who exists mostly in spirit, hence appearing to me mostly in my dreams, but who can take on physical form when necessary. Conversations With God, Book 4 covers the fascinating topic of HEB, where they live and what kind of ethics they abide!

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