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Encounter With Ms Blue

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

A passionate lucid dream encounter with a greyish-blue hybrid. :D :D :D

Hello Star Family! Following my highest excitement, I was led to listen to a very old Bashar "lost recording" from 1988, titled "Bashar's Points Of View". In this recording there were many fascinating details about the nature of physical reality and our universe. Towards the end of the entire session, was a lucid meditation called "Journey to Mother Craft" or "Journey to City Ship".

As I listened to this lucid meditation, I began to drift-off into a phase-shifted semi-awake and semi-asleep state...and just as Bashar said...I began to exist at a conjunction of two realities simultaneously, ours and theirs...

Whilst in the lucid dream state, I found myself standing next to a large vehicle that looked like a silver van that had its large boot open. On my right, I saw a girl that I hadn't seen in a very long time. She was about my height of 1.6 meters, of slender build with long, lustrous black hair that went down to her waist.

She didn't speak, somehow whatever she thought projected directly into my mind. She said she wanted to eat sushi, and I replied in my mind: "Oh we don't need the van, we can walk there.". So I stretched out my arm and pulled on a lever that caused the clam-shell boot to close automatically.

I took her hand, and we began to walk through the quiet city square. The square was a big open area, with several people far away walking about. To our left was a tall greyish building, which somehow reminded me of the Taipei 101. As we walked, I couldn't help notice that she was wearing a tight-fitting, translucent/see-through one-piece tube dress, that seemed to shimmer and glitter against her wide hips as we walked together. I thought it was odd, because a girl wouldn't wear something so revealing outside, and she wasn't wearing any underwear whatsoever.

...some hot, passionate stuff was all very pleasant and enjoyable...

Then just before I woke up, a fully formed picture flashed/downloaded into my mind...and I remember she had greyish-blue skin and huge eyes, so wait a minute, was what I saw previously a screen-memory or screen-dream of somekind? She doesn't look human with that skin!

Then I heard Bashar’s voice say: “See, two realities existing simultaneously, both equally valid, both equally real.”

Have fun with the meditation! As Bashar says, let everything be very natural, very free-flowing, very expectations!

YouTube - Journey to City Ship:

Original "Lost Recordings" from 1988:

18 March 2023, 10AM - Welcome to Yours and Ours beautiful future!

From Essassani With Love


P.S.: A few nights prior, during a free-flowing meditation, I did also see the head of a Mantid/Mantis being, here's the painting. I am starting to remember that Ms Blue and Mr Mantid are friends, and that he introduced me to her, whilst I had visited the Sassani City Ship years prior. Based upon the contents of my very passionate screen-dream or screen-memory, I believe this "contact" occurred sometime in 2015-2016, about 3 years after the quarantine of Earth ended in 2012. Aveo! Much love to you. More memories surface in little bits and pieces as I go along following my highest excitement and meditating or listening to Bashar's meditations. :)

Please note that all these dream experiences don't come with time-stamps, so I really don't know exactly when they occurred, in terms of our linear space-time perspective. The dates and times written are reflective of when I had the dream. I also do not have any way to prove that they are real. Everyone should explore their own realities respectively, and arrive at their own conclusions. My unconditional love to you! Have a fantastic future!


22 March 2023

Painted Ms Blue again to test how my memory changes in 3 days. I feel that the second drawing looks less natural and more cartoon-like. It was very challenging to draw her the second time too. So during my first time drawing her from the download, it’s like a channeling, and so it flows out easily and quickly.

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