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Arrival of a Green Comet

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Astronomers observe the arrival of a “green comet” at the start of 2023, the year that marks the beginning of the Window of Open Contact (2023-2033).

Hello Star Family!

This green comet is called “2022 E3 (ZTF)”, and comes by planet Earth once every 50,000 years. Interestingly, the last time this comet passed by Earth the first “anatomically modern“ humans (Homo Sapiens) appeared, coincidence?

We know from Bashar, that modern humans or Homo Sapiens were engineered by space aliens known to the ancient Sumerians as the “Annunaki”. We are actually hybrids between their extraterrestrial DNA and the DNA of Homo-Erectus, which naturally evolved into Bigfoot a.k.a Sasquatch or Yeti that we are aware of today.

Bashar explains how Homo Sapiens were created in the YouTube video below:

For those who are astronomy enthusiasts, Bill Nye (The Science Guy) explains how you can see this green comet in this YouTube video:

In addition, because 2023 is officially the beginning of the Window of Open Contact, there are other synchronicities. Has anyone noticed that the colour of Bashar’s contact crystal is also green? A model of this crystal is behind Darryl Anka’s head during Bashar channelings.

Not to forget, the James Webb Space Telescope, designed to photograph exoplanets, has a main mirror that looks exactly like the model of the Bashar contact crystal too, synchronicity. Bashar had mentioned before that the discovery of life outside our solar system would also act as an accelerant to open our minds to the existence and presence of extraterrestrials.

Finally, the last interesting piece of synchronicity is that last Saturday, during the first channeling of 2023 titled “Becoming a Galactic Citizen”, Bashar mentioned that his scout craft over Bell Rock, Sedona in Arizona had descended to a height of just 500 miles above the Earth’s surface, the closest yet! And he also mentioned that “Yesss, something is about to happen.”

Bashar’s (First Contact Specialist & Head of Contact Council) ship is the balance point between Earth and the Stars. His ship’s height above Bell Rock, Sedona Arizona, getting closer or further from Earth, is a barometer for both humanity and the ET's readiness for open contact.

Previous Bashar ship-height readings:

2,979mi_08/29/2009 Ship to Ship

2,500mi_08/28/2010 Connecting to the Oversoul

2,300mi_11/13/2011 Law of Attraction & Repulsion

1,936mi_04/13/2013 The 33rd Parallel

1,875mi_11/03/2013 Karma

1,875mi_11/23/2013 The Parallelogram

1,725mi_09/06/2014 Voices in Your Head

1,540mi_06/20/2015 Mistaken Identity

1,300mi_11/07/2015 The Formula (about 1300mi, give or take)

1,350mi_11/14/2015 Going Gamma

975mi_09/10/2016 Future of the Past

900mi_11/04/2017 Dare To Dream

8,423ft_04/20/2019 Council of 13 & the Crystal Skulls (1.6mi)

7,285ft_05/04/2019 Exploring Portal Probabilities (1.38mi)

5,000mi_06/22/2019 Earth Zero (following a ‘litmus test’ reading from the day before)

5,000mi_09/15/2019 Children of The Future

7,000mi_04/25/2020 Eye of The Needle

9,000mi_08/15/2020 Increasing Probability of Contact

3,000mi_01/30/2021 Let’s Get H.I.G.H.

3,000mi_06/19/2021 Reincarnation A Deeper Explanation

2,500mi_08/19/2021 The Infinite Restaurant

1,280mi_10/22/2022 Ghosts

I have created a Google Sheet to plot a graph of the height of Bashar’s scout craft. We can see that he was closest to the surface the year before Covid-19. During Covid-19 his craft went upwards, and only towards the end of Covid-19 till the start of 2023 is he coming down again:

Personally, there could be a disturbing pattern, because several months after Dr Steven M. Greer’s breakthrough 2001 National Press Club UFO Disclosure Event, was the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks, followed by several years of war. Additionally, 2019 was the year that CE-5 Contact Teams were beginning to go global, and people all around the world were routinely making contact with extraterrestrials; just before Covid-19 hit in Jan 2020.

Thus, if this trend continues to hold true, it seems that the imminent disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence (and Bashar’s ship being very close to the surface of Earth) is always followed by some massive global event which is designed to distract the public and draw attention away from the true nature of our reality. Of course I could be just reading too much into things…

If you would like to learn of the Interstellar Alliance‘s protocols for first contact, please refer to the YouTube video below:

Much love and a happy 2023 of open contact,

From Essassani With Love

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Feb 01, 2023

Nice collection of Bashar info! Yes, happy year of open contact 🛸✨💚

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