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2023 Website Update!

Beginning of the "Window of Open Contact" and more and more visitors!

Hello Everyone!

In light of the increasing "visitations" to, it was decided by my excitement to update the website for 2023. The main focus was on making it more *useful* to newbies, beginners, and new experiencers of ET contact.

As such, the homepage is now a directory from which you can jump off to all the various websites related to ET knowledge, and you can just absorb it all up! If you wish to add your website, channel, social media page to the directory - just email

I've also added additional PDFs to the 'Files' page, formerly guides. Most notable is the "Frequencies of Consciousness" list compiled by someone in the Bashar community, which shows us the various levels of spiritual vibrational levels (in Hz, or cycles per second).

*** Welcome to 2023, the beginning of the window of open contact. My goal is to make this website as useful as possible for the community, so if you have any suggestions do let me know!

Much love to you all,

From Essassani With Love

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You've done an amazing job with this update. Love the art, design, clear well written messages & feelings projected. 5-STARS > Bravo!

Replying to

You're welcome! :)

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