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Jan 07, 2023
In General Discussion
In the answer of an unspoken request of one of the users from this forum. This is an impersonal message. Possible language mistakes, as you may known, are just distortions of the mind through which this message is provided. This forum was created by a member of the human society as an inspiration to explore beyond limitations of mind on the one side. On the other side many cosmic beings are excited to have an open opportunity to communicate through multidimensional universe and get a feedback from different density beings , which are not very similar to them. The purpose of this communication is to serve with an information, illumination to those who want to know and on the other hand to learn from and evolve for those who want to learn. Moreover human species reached a level of understanding of non-locality of the universe, what was strongly mention in this calendar year on earth (like a nobel prize winners). As a consequence to that is it obvious to many, that they are no longer just people on earh but THERE ARE beings in the cosmos. As it was mentioned many times in many places, the process of get-to-knowing each other have a place for a long period of time (sometimes there were only few separated societies who had a contact in human history) and THIS is the moment, when earth should finally reach a point of global understanding/awarness of other beings in the universe. In fact, people have no other choice, because some of them, which have had this contact for many centuries,now are trying to use their skills and knowedge against the rest of unaware community. This challenge leads to more open attitude to facilitate this transition of earth (like a chicken struggling to get out off shell). Difficulty of that transition is reversly proportional to human ability to accept differences (that is the hardest part). Forum which You created is genial place to connect human minds on one spot, to advertise the possibility of contact and expand the consiousness of ALL interested beings. Analyzing transfer of human thought on this website can be useful to find out at what level they are at, how to help to progress and what possible perspectives (both positive and negative) can arise in sharing that type of communication. We are grattitude for that! Stay in toch! Shivai! (PS. Some of you happens to be too shy in their inner intuition. If you listen you hear, just stay tuned on the channel).


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