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Qi Web
Oct 24, 2022
In Dreams
I remember sitting on a chair talking to a blue alien female being, she was all blue including her outfit. The next thing I remember was standing inside a giant space station looking at a screen full of unknown symbols. I can only remember 3 symbols. I decided to take the time to paint this encounter (painting humanoids is not my forte) after listening to a Ryok channeling (also from E'ssassani) wherein he recommended we document our experiences as often as possible in order to create an encyclopedia of encounters. Synchronistically, *after* I had this encounter I listened to Bashar's meditation to visit the large ET space station orbiting our Earth located between 100,000 to 150,000 miles in orbit (Your ET Neighbours 2020), then I also learned about the "Blue Men" after listening to the start of "Your ET Neighbours 2020", then the Ryok channeling finally moved me off my butt to paint this. Encounters are very frequent these days and I don't have the time or painting skills to paint them all out. Note: I don't remember what her facial features looked-like, I painted them in so she would look more relatable. Encounter: 22-10-2022
Encounter with "Blue" Female content media
Qi Web
Oct 10, 2022
In General Discussion
I've found this "lost recording" that I can't find on the Bashar Store. It is very raw, with lots of odd noises, and requires heavy processing before it's ready to be posted onto YouTube. Do let me know what you think? Should I post it? It's four hours long, will there be a copyright issue?
Qi Web

Qi Web

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