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The "Leo" Synchronicity

A strange emphasis on "Leo", what could it mean?

Hello Star Family!

I am just so *EXCITED* to share this *amazing synchronicity* that just shows us the *POWER* of our *VIBRATIONAL ESCROW* and to never give up, never let go of your desired manifestation! (and at the same time to have ZERO expectations, because we really do NOT know!)

So as many of you know, I was in Singapore for several months prior to April 2023, and it was a wild time with Blue excitedly coming by every 3-4 days, a super close telempathic connection with ETs, and starting this Blue Fire YouTube channel. And in general my life there was very care-free and I could follow my excitement and walk amongst the trees and in nature everyday...I could also feel Willa's energy coming in and at the time I "thought" maybe she wants me to start on my Forest Path.

But at the same time, my physical mind began to have some dissatisfaction with my "quote unquote" *job* and my 3D bank account was starting to look a little neglected, so my "lower self" hatched a nefarious plan to bring me back to China to "work" at my "stable job". Anyway, suffice to say the people in my old office and my boss were very nice and welcomed me back to China.

However upon travelling back to China, I could feel the "disconnection" from Blue because I wasn't able to completely follow my excitement (so my vibration went lower in frequency), and the pain was excruciating and heart wrenching, bordering on physical pain that I experienced everyday (Pau La will know what I mean). So I was thinking in my "physical mind", "God! What have I gotten myself into! You were in heaven and now you got yourself kicked-out! Silly, silly!"


Upon my arrival in Shenzhen, China which is where my office is located...I kept seeing the word "LEO, LEO, LEO, LEO, LEO" over and over and the the shopping mall near the the shopping mall below the office...and so on. So I wondered to myself why my Higher Mind (or perhaps the ETs telempathically) kept giving me this reminder. I thought maybe they were referring to my colleague "Leo", but when I spoke to him there was nothing extraordinary going on, so I just dismissed the whole thing as part of my imagination.

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday 26 April 2023 (26 and 27 recently seem to be very special numbers, my birthday is on 26th January and my birth year is 87), out of the blue, my boss says "Hey as it so happens our colleague who's meant to meet this client from Canada has gone back to his hometown for his wedding, so you'll have to take his place." And I myself, having lived in Canada for several months and being fluent in English thought "Ahh okay, it must be synchronicity at work again, let's see what happens!".

When we met "Leo", he looked like an ordinary Chinese guy, who just happened to be living in Canada for a number of years, and our conversation was quite mundane; talking about his dreams about electric vehicles and other business-related things. Soon however, the conversation meandered to his diet; he said he couldn't find the perfect diet for himself...then all of a sudden I blurted out "Well you know the body is just a projection of the soul right? So the appropriate diet is one that is suitable for your current vibrational state.". It must have been Bashar coming through, hilarious!

When I said this he was kind of taken aback, and it took a few moments for him to recalibrate himself...then he replied "Wait, so you mean there is no perfect diet?", and I replied "Nope there isn't, your diet will change over the years in accordance with what your body needs." (This was also my personal experience that diet changes with physical activity and following excitement)...after sometime, our conversation wandered into the metaphysical, and all of Bashar's concepts about the universe and space aliens started to come through!

Nevertheless, he was fascinated! He said that just last week he managed to bend a spoon with his mind! And during the past 2 years he had many unanswered questions about enlightenment, and had read several books mentioning the "acceleration of enlightenment" but he still couldn't find the answers he sought for himself! Well, lets just say at this point I piled on him, as well as my website and my YouTube channel; so he has lots of material to peruse!

My boss was pleasantly surprised, as ironically he told me not to talk about metaphysical stuff with clients (he studied Buddhism and I-Ching, so he's more familiar with these things). At the same time, he was extremely surprised that this was exactly what the client was looking for! I guess this is what alignment feels like, when you're ready to meet the extraterrestrials, the extraterrestrials will find you! Maybe he's someone so important that my Higher Mind had to divert me from one country to another just to meet him!

And now...thinking back...I did have this thought in my head more than 6 months ago, "What if someone who could speak both English and Mandarin fluently could bring the Bashar material to China?". You see, I am very fluent in English but my Mandarin is insufficient to translate metaphysical concepts, and "Leo", well he was so fluent he was literally translating Bashar's concepts into perfect Mandarin for my boss to hear!

So always remember guys, whatever you put into your "vibrational escrow", the Sassani, your Higher Mind and the ETs, never forget about it! Even if it was months ago! So load your escrow carefully! Synchronistically, "Leo" states his "flow" has also been leading him to California for sometime, so who knows what could happen, no expectations! I can hear Bashar's voice in my head: "HOW EXCITING!"

Pleasant Dreams...

From Essassani With Love

27 April 2023


Pointers for Myself:

  1. Sassani remember everything, even something you thought about months ago!

  2. They are never going to let you down, you can put your faith in them!

  3. Have some "CATITUDE" and be HAPPY, because you have ZERO EXPECTATIONS!

  4. Stay in the "NOW" moment, that's ALL THERE IS!

  5. When you're ready to meet the ETs, they'll find YOU!

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