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All Permission Slips Become Obsolete

Updated: Nov 21

It is time to say goodbye to the original "From Essassani With Love" YouTube channel.

RIP: From Essassani With Love, 2021 to 2023
RIP: From Essassani With Love, 2021 to 2023

Hi Star Family!

Thank you for all the encouragement to create a new channel, I received a lot of love from those of you who are on this Website and Facebook. I did feel an excitement to do so this morning, so I made a Telegram channel containing one unlisted 1 min 30 sec video from YouTube. The idea behind this is that in this way, people cannot subscribe to the source YouTube channel, since videos are unlisted, and the videos shall only be accessible via Telegram. I will strictly only post videos in accordance with my excitement, content demands will not be entertained. There is also an attached discussion channel that can be used for conversations between members.

It is not uncommon for unofficial Bashar YouTube channels that become large to be taken down, this has happened to many other people in the past. We reached a peak of about 9800~ subscribers, with 170,000 to 200,000 views every month. If Bashar Communications made their own channel, followed their excitement, and monetized it (I cannot), then maybe they could make a self-sustaining income.

Truth be told in the last month before our channel was removed, my excitement to post new videos actually waned. As the channel got larger, many people kept asking for more content. If I stopped posting, they would ask me why I stopped. Blue did tell me through synchronicity that “give people your hand, and they will take your whole arm” saying I am too nice and allowed people to take advantage of my kindness and time; so this is also a learning lesson for me.

I remember a quote from Bashar “You are all powerful beings! But you use your power to make yourselves feel powerless!”. So we must remember that neither Bashar, myself nor you, are messiahs, we are not better than you and we are not here to save anyone, we can’t save anyone; people heal and save themselves, they wake up to their own power.

"You are all powerful beings! But you use your power to make yourselves feel powerless!" -Bashar

For Open Contact to occur, Bashar says we are to meet as equals, the extraterrestrials are our equals, so we must raise ourselves up to meet them, not place them on a pedestal and worship them like people did in the past. We must play and meet as equals! This is also corroborated by Lyssa Royal Holt's "Preparing for Contact - Tokyo, 1994 and 2012".


From Essassani With Love


Guidelines for sharing Bashar material. Requested by Bashar Communications so group may continue to -legally- share Bashar information without risk of being flagged.

Please Do Not Share:

(regardless of the original date of the material)

  1. Video clips from Bashar sessions over 2 min

  2. More than 2 clips from the same session

  3. Sequential clips

  4. Any clips of Livestream events or replays *Recording Livestream events is illegal

  5. Any mp3 audio of sessions

  6. Any clips from private sessions with Bashar

  7. Quotes or Transcripts more than 100 words long (Over 100 words can be paraphrased, with that stated)

  8. Handouts & Images used in Bashar sessions or books

  9. Compilation clips are preferred, but not mandatory

When posting Bashar clips please include the transmission title & an official page link:

First Contact documentary: Can share up to 5 one-minute clips per person, not in sequence. Clips must be from completely different parts of the film, so not creating a continuous 5 min segment.

Of course, these guidelines are subject to change at any time and there may be case by case exceptions to these guidelines as new types of infringement/loopholes are discovered.


Closing Message for From Essassani With Love YouTube:

Dear Star Family,

This is the 3rd time the From Essassani With Love channel has been hit with copyright takedown notices, so it seems clear to me that Darryl doesn’t want it to operate any longer and it is to close. Personally, I’m not a fighter, never have been, never will be, so I’m going to go with Bashar’s Formula, “NO INSISTENCE, NO RESISTANCE”.

I know this decision is going to make some of you unhappy, and many have questioned Bashar Communications’ decisions like “Why is the price of videos so high?” etc etc. Honestly speaking, I don’t claim to know the hows and whys of Bashar Communications; again we must remember they are a business and they have operating costs and salaries to cover, so I’m sure that their reasons will be just as valid as your concerns of ethics and morality.

At the end of the day, we must trust Darryl and Bashar’s decision, because this content belongs to them and so they will get to decide how it is distributed and to whom it is distributed. Let us trust the positive, and the process, and believe that all those who do need to hear Bashar’s words of wisdom will be led to them through The Formula and their own synchronicities.

It is with a happy heart that I thank Bashar, Darryl Anka, April Rochelle and the rest of the Bashar Team for allowing this channel to operate for more than 2 years. It has indeed been a blessing and has benefited more than 200,000 listeners on a monthly basis.

I would like to extend my unconditional love, by respecting their decision and allowing this channel to cease operations naturally.

Aveo, and lots of love, You Jun + Trance + Blue Fire


And again looking back upon this incident from a wider perspective, I thank Darryl for shutting down my channel. It was an ego death for me, my ego was getting too big and messianic, and not allowing me to follow my highest excitement. I had become afraid to let go (even when it wasn't my excitement), because I felt I had to "save" these people. I feel very free now, I am once again a FREE SPIRIT!

Thank you Darryl, Bashar, Ms Blue.

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